Varicocele, Thyroid and HCG (Hyde and others)?

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    Varicocele, Thyroid and HCG (Hyde and others)?

    I would like to hear some peoples opinion on this theory i have. For the past few weeks i have thought my symptoms were low E2 related. After seriously thinking about my situation i am starting to figure things out more and more. I believe my problems are "possibly" thyroid related and NOT just T. However i believe fixing one will repair the other.

    I don't have any piturity issues, i am technically half-primary hypogonadic.

    Let me explain. I got a varicocele on my left testicle, my right testicle suffered retarded growth due to being undescended but may or may not still be functional. Varicocele is KNOWN to cause over-heating of the testicles and abnormal steroid secretion (testosterone, etc) from the testicles due to bad blood flow. Basically a large vein that is slow moving surrounds the testicle and over-heat's it. Now one of the first thing's i noticed was my scrotum skin thinning due to this over-heating and hanging lower. Now it would make sense that if the thyroid controls body tempeture and blood flow to the body parts, then it might try and "cool" me down a bit to keep my testicles producing sperm at the normal (and required) temputure. This thyroid change could have a knock on effect on everything else including libido, skin, joints, etc.

    I also noticed my testicle shrinking due to the over-heating and this in turn lead to all the other hormonal problems. However a combination of weaker(?) blood flow due to thryoid might have also caused the shrinkage and sped the process up somewhat. What i always thought was strange from the start was the fact that my LH/FSH were never elevated or budged at all. However i believe a MASSIVE domino effect occured that made getting proper treatment for this difficult and maybe why i am NOT responding well to TRT. I simply haven't thought long enough about how this is effecting me and what happened.

    1 week before i got the testicular injury, by chance i was tested for low energy and tiredness. I didn't have a single t issue then and no varicocele (because the injury hadn't happened). However my TSH came back at 0.8. I didn't get other hormones tested then.

    After getting the varicocele, my testicle shrank and within 2 months (with no treatment intervention) my T was low and also TSH up to 1.8. I noticed that my penis was shrunk up due to the low t but also free t was low at this point. My E2 was "normal" (right on the bottom of the male scale). LH/FSH were elevated.

    I noticed that while my penis was shrunk up, it still seemed like "good" blood flow existed and it wasn't like a blood flow issue as such. It still felt "full" (for lack of a better expression).

    I was put on androgel at 5's daily. After a few day's i noticed improved erections and slightly better libido. All the other symptoms remained.

    I was retested and T came back at 25.2nmol but TSH was up to 2.1. I noticed a reduction in penile sensativity and also flaccid size. I also noticed the penis glans weren't as "hard" as usual. I wasn't sure if this was T, E2, DHT or free t causing this.

    It was still very difficult to get erections. I noticed i was cold allot of the time and had sore joints, dry skin and such like. All which could be either low E2 or thyroid related (hypothyroid).

    I noticed when i was in a warm place (like bed) or a shower everything would hang and "feel" normal again. Blood flow was increased to penis, testicles, hands, feet, etc and i would feel warmer (naturally because the shower was warm) and in some cases capable of getting a semi-decent erection. Really strange but true. Testicles also felt better.

    So here is my dilema, obviosuly LH has a role in this to some degree and a functional HPTA is important for thyroid. Since i have now had the varicocele repaired (though a small sub-clinical varicocele still exists) would HCG help lower TSH and improve blood flow to testicles, penis and hopefully help libido.

    Can anyone explain the relationship between LH, Thryoid hormones and estridol that could be causing my problems? Would HCG be enough to improve these symptoms? Should i stop all TRT and do HCG alone at 250iu daily?

    I believe bad blood flow could be caused by thyroid or low E2? I know blood flow to the testicles, penis, etc can be controlled somewhat by T, DHT, E2, Free T and NO production. However when i speak to other guy's with low E2 they don't have as many problems as me which makes me think the problem really is thryoid related in my case. Are there any suppliments (not drugs) that could improve my TSH (lower it)? I noticed that most young guy's with even high E2 (such as masterpp - also a varicocele sufferer) have no erection problems, so i really need to start considering other options here. His TSH is also low while on TRT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megazoid View Post
    I noticed when i was in a warm place (like bed) or a shower everything would hang and "feel" normal again. Blood flow was increased to penis, testicles, hands, feet, etc and i would feel warmer (naturally because the shower was warm) and in some cases capable of getting a semi-decent erection. Really strange but true. Testicles also felt better.
    I know this all to well. I think you could have a point. When discussing most of these symptoms with my GP regarding lack of desire, function etc he said he wanted to have my thyroid checked aswell as testosterone levels. Regarding your dilemma above I know its crazy, I could be at home sitting down watching tv feeling hung and comfortable. Then if I was out socialising I would be ashamed to go the toilet worrying (usually makes it worse) that I will have to wrestle with "it" to come out. Its a nightmare! No one should have to go through this, if you don't laugh you will cry so enjoy the link ;-)

    Dear Penis Funny Flash Cartoon!

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