Isocort versus cortef??? -

Isocort versus cortef???

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    Isocort versus cortef???

    I have been taking Isocort for a while and still dont feel anywhere near good enough.

    I have read that each Isocort tablet has 2.5 mgs of cortisol, is that correct?

    And has anyone that had less than great results done better on cortef?

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    I felt way better once I switched to cortef. It just seemed Isocort was not potent enough. It could be because it is a proprietary blend and ya never know what you are getting in those.
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    I agree completely. Switch to cortef if isocort is not working, and then (with the aid of a doctor) you may need to up your cortef dose up a bit. But do that after you gradually switch to cortef, dont do it all at once and most people wont need any higher than 20.

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    Yes I also feel Cortef is much better the Isocort. I worked my way up to 8 pills of Isocort ='s some 20 mgs of cortisol. But I don't think it is = to 20mgs. I am doing 10 mgs. of cortef first thing in the morning because this is when my levels showed the lowest and I feel my worst in the morning. I start on it at 5 am then go back to bed and get up at 8am doing this I feel much better at 8am when I get out of bed for the day. Then at 10am I take 2 isocort this seams to help. I do my next dose 5mgs. at 2pm and 6pm. For a total of 20mgs of cortef a day. Sometimes when I get stressed or over do it I have to do a stress dose when this happens I take an extra 10 mgs. of cortef. This link is a good read.
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