Are more men having low T than ever before?

  1. Are more men having low T than ever before?

    Just wondering, are the numbers rising? I cant imagine 50 years ago having low T and walking around like a zombie for the rest of my life.

    Anyone have any actual stat?

  2. I dont have the exact stats or where I saw them but avg T has dropped 100 pts....just in the last 20 years or so.

    I remember estrogen pollution being one cause mentioned. Rosie Odonnell may be another.....

  3. There was an article here at AM that said part of the reason for lower T levels is due to the decrease in smoking cigarettes which increases T levels.

  4. T levels have dropped dramatically.

    Men's Testosterone Levels Are Dropping - Newsweek Health -

    Men's Testosterone Levels Down - Mens Health: health and medical information about Mens Health Issues

    Diet high in refined carbs and low in quality animal protein/fruits/veggies

    Xenoestrogens polluting our bodies and mimicing estrogen

    Soy now hidden in alot of foods

    Inactive lifestyle/lifestyle that is not T friendly(passive)

    Pollution/air quality/alcohol intake/2nd or 1st hand smoke

    High stress/work environment

    The cigarette smoking thing come from the fact that nicotine is a potent anti estrogen. Since estrogen is a problem now in the 21st century like never before, anything that works as an AI will cause an increase in mankinds overall general sad sack T levels.

    However, if estrogen wasn't a problem in the first place nicotine wouldn't have such effect.
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  5. Wow- you beat me to this topic/post by minutes. I was wondering the EXACT same thing.

    Think about it- Girls are maturing earlier and earlier, sperm counts are down and now T is also down. Something is very, very wrong and getting worse.

    What are we doing to ourselves and what can/should we do to stop it?

  6. I don't know if testosterone levels in men are really declining at faster rates then ever before, or if those problems are just now being reported? I mean, having ED was rarely heard of or spoken about until Viagra came along. Then all of a sudden, men from all walks of life and all ages starting admitting they were having problems.

    Given that 60% of Americans are considered obese though, I'm sure the lifestyles are probably a causal factor.

    Along those same lines, seems to me all of a sudden, EVERYONE is dying from cancer. I don't know if the cancer rates are rising, or if the medical profession is now learning how to diagnose it more accurately. Could it be that better cancer detection may be artifically inflating the cancer rates? Hell, I don't know. But it seems more prevalant than ever to me.

    And smoking actually raises T levels huh? I can honestly say I've never heard that before.


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