1. Androxy(Fluoxymesterone)

    is this ever used as part of TRT??? i ask because test. cyp. alone did not solve my symptoms of low energy, no sex drive, ed, low concentration/memory, no aggression, depression.

  2. No I dont believe this is ever used in TRT/HRT. Reason being is that it is a 17aa oral steriod that is known to be very liver toxic. It is a very strong androgen and it would be an extremely poor choice for TRT.

    A much gentler aproach would be Proviron(mesterolone) It is a weak androgen and also a week anti-estrogen.

  3. Just have your Estradiol check if high this will do this it keeps your feeling better on TRT down. And kills your sex life.

  4. thanks DR. John. i am just trying to feel better. i went to my endo today and he is retesting me, and also testing my cortisol. he has noticed somes signs of what he thought were cushing syndrome. red/purple stretch marks, loss of energy, etc.. he said i am not anemic, no abnormalities in blood work so far, and said now that i have Rx insurance we can look into androgel, for a more stable T level. thanks for the input.

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