Getting estrogen Down

  1. Getting estrogen Down

    Test level: 317 range241-827
    DHEA-S: 326 range 110-370
    T3 Total: 94 range 84-172
    T4 5.8 range 4.5-12.5
    Free Thyroisxine 1.28 range 0.8-1.8
    FT4 index 2.0 range 1,1-4.6

    Horizon Blue Cross insurance POS

    what can be done to bring estrogen down and to bring the thyroid up to upper 1/3 range? THX

  2. estrodial was 60 10-50. Hes one of my clients. i had him run a hormone profile because no matter what we did nothing was working and stubburn body fat. I had a suspicion this just proved it LOL. Damn estrogen makes one lose their memory sucks getting old HAHA. Hes only 36 too

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