So I'm getting ready to have mercury fillings removed from my teeth, two all together. The only thing I'm a little worried about is the anasthesia or sedation that will be used. More specifically I'm concerned about any possible negative reactions I could have due to the state of my adrenals. I think that it is possible that I have an adrenal fatigue/insuffiency issue. This is mainly because I had an anaphlactic reaction to a wasp sting about four years ago. My cortisol tests generally show up on the low end of normal. They have gotten better since I started taking dhea and pregnenolone. However I'm still a little nervous about what could happen. I do think that removing as much mercury as possible from my body's tissues will help to optimize any potential benefits from HRT, as well as minimize some of the side effects. I've already had one chelation treatment as this is supposed to help enhance vascular function and remove toxic metals from the body. I didn't really feel too much from the first treatment but I don't imagine I would be able to on the first one. The next step is to remove the amalgams, they're 50 % mercury, each. Also I wanted to know does HCG help to optimize the adrenals at all by it's actions on various hormonal pathways in the body??