Switching from Test Cyp. Inj. back to Androgel-best way to do this?

  1. Switching from Test Cyp. Inj. back to Androgel-best way to do this?

    The reasons I'm thinking of quitting the Test Cyp. and going back to Androgel are mainly because I just bloated much less on the androgel. The only problem I had with the androgel was that my dht did seem to go up a little on the high side and my e2 stayed about mid range. Now on test cyp my dht is at the bottom of the range. And my total T is at the top. Free T is good on test Cyp., better than androgel. E2 is at the bottom of the range. The only problem is that on Test Cyp. my face bloats too damn much. I don't understand it. I'm on Arimidex too and that fixed the puffiness around my chest. But my face is carrying too much damn water. I don't understand it. So I asked my doc if I could switch back to the Androgel. He said it was cool but he didn't seem to have a good answer as to how to switch over from injectables to gels without getting too much side effect. I think it was just the more stable levels on a day to day basis with the androgel that seemed to allow me to hold less water. Also didn't have any need to use Arimidex on the Androgel. So I was hoping for some advice on switching to the gels in a safe manner. I just did my Test Cyp shot this morning. Should I just make this morning my last test cyp. inj. and then at some point, like at the end of the week pherhaps, implement in the gels and skip the hcg? or should I taper down my doseage of test cyp. slowly. Not really sure, could use some guidance, my doc admittedly doesn't know.

  2. I would suggest tapering down. If done slowly enough, you shouldn't have any E or gyno problems to worry about. But that is just my opinion based on nothing scientific.

  3. LOL! Hey, I got one right......well kinda!

  4. Here is how I did it yrs. ago when Androgel first came out. At the time I was doing the patch and getting a 200mg shot every 2 weeks. I went on the Androgel 10 grams and stopped the patch. We went on the gel just after a shot by the time I was due for my next shot I felt fine so my Dr. tested me and my levels were up. So if your doing shots every week you can try the gel after your last shot. You can go up a little high but it's going down to low that makes us feel bad.

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