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    Glade I found this board I was tired of posting with responses from a-- holes and children. Quick question I finally found a dr who has a good understanding of trt and who has attended some of your seminars. It seems now that my dr is spooked about writing a script for hcg because of the situation down in florida. Does anyone have any ideas on how to put him at ease. Im in NY and he stated that ny watches very closely and don't understand the need for trt and hcg. Thanks for the help and glade to be a part of this site

  2. Well, I would assume the best way to go out it is see if he can network to find you someone in NY that could see you on a personal level and get the work done you want/need.

  3. I do see this Dr on a personal level it was hard to find him being tha I live in a small city. He is very knowledgable in treatment. I did have several different endos but they seemed unconcerned on getting me to "normal" This Dr is a DO DR He also has a anti ageing clinic so Im hoping he will work.

    Thanks again

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