liposarcoma and T, HCG and HGH use

  1. liposarcoma and T, HCG and HGH use

    liposarcoma and T, HCG and HGH use.

    any reason to not use them?

    I had lipoma benign plus small liposarcoma (low nastiness), in my left tigh, removed Sept 2005, size of a quart. Sloan Kettering Manhattan, doctor have given me 30% chance of return as is, an unspecified smaller chance when radiated, I declined radiation. Yearly checkup was ok.

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  4. lloks like you can't get an answer on this!

    i'll give you a bump


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    If you alow your T to remain low, this is bad for your health all the way around--including immune function.

    There is no scientific evidence to NOT use GH if you are deficient. In fact, low GH production is also bad for you, all the way around. Having said that, this would be a decision you would make with your doctor.
    I have no problem with taking sufficient amount of T.

    My LabCorp test show IGF-1
    8/26/2005 --120
    5/5/2006---100 (75-212)
    In the book LifeExtension Revolution by Philip Miller MD, page 116
    Normal Range 114-492 ng/mL
    Optimal range 200-300 ng/mL

    by either criteria I am low on IGF-1

    In my head I have two doctors in mind

    1. who cut out my sarcoma (and his emphatic no)
    2. one who writes script for HGH

    That is why I am looking for evidence.

    At this moment I have in mind two doctors who are willing to write me a script for HGH, but that is not a point of my queston in this thread.

    Wonder if you have enough information to provide stronger statement than the one you did and I marked in red?

    For example Dr so&so used HGH on his cancer patients and got following (hopefully good) results.....
    The thing with HGH is that it grow cells, all kind of cells.
    ============================== ============================
    I am still contemplating on how to use your help,
    direct contact or thru intermediary doctor (osteopath), specially of this sarcoma thing.

    There are no convenient flights it your direction.
    It is 9 hour drive, looking for a buddy to join.
    Parsippany NJ
    Lansing MI
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  6. Thank you MaxRep;

    Entrez PubMed

    Expression of growth hormone receptor in human liposarcomas and lipomas.Temmim L, Kolle S, Baker H, Sinowatz F.
    Kuwait Cancer Control Centre, Kuwait.

    Our immunohistochemical results clearly demonstrated the occurrence of growth hormone receptors (GH-R) in the tumour cells of lipomas and liposarcomas. In liposarcomas staining intensity in the cytoplasm of tumour cells varied between weak and distinct but could not be correlated to the histological grade of the malignant tumours. These findings were corroborated to some extent by the RT-PCR results. RT-PCR analysis of human lipomas and liposarcomas revealed the amplified cDNA fragment of GH-R in 8 out of 12 lipomas but only in 3 out of 10 liposarcomas. The reduced number of GH-R positive tumours found with PCR may be explained by the extraction method of RNA from paraffin sections. An interesting finding was the distinct immunoreactivity of the endothelium of blood vessels in liposarcomas, which was especially pronounced in the newly forming capillaries. This points to an important role of GH-R in tumour angiogenesis which could significantly contribute to tumour growth in liposarcomas and may open the possibility for therapeutic intervention using antiangiogenic substances.
    PMID: 10854539 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  7. "but could not be correlated to the histological grade of the malignant tumours. These findings were corroborated to some extent by the RT-PCR results. RT-PCR analysis of human lipomas"

    Im having trouble wrapping my head around all of this. Sounds to me like their is a risk but not a huge one. I would think having extremely low GH would put one at more risk due to compromised immune system funtion.

    Either way, since you are on preg cream, you are already seeing an increase in GH output. Stick with that. Are you getting a full line of complete spectrum amino acids(BCAA's)? Taking your ZMA? Getting to bed at a reasonable hour? These will help as well


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