100mg zinc natrual AI

  1. 100mg zinc natrual AI

    I have heard of people using up to 100mg zinc per day to lower estrogen levels, do you take this all at once or split through the day, also how much of an effect would zinc make in lowering estrogen levels and thus raising testerone levels?

  2. I wouldnt go above 50mg a day though.
    50mg in the morning or before bed with either food or about 10mg of vitamin B6 away from foods containing calcium.

  3. Make sure its zinc aspartate

  4. chelate is good too.

  5. If you first start on Zinc you need to do Copper with it. Zinc will lower your Copper levels. You can do 100mgs of Zinc with 4 mgs of Copper in the morning the first month you on it. Then lower it to 50mgs with 2 mgs. of Copper. I use this.
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    All men on TRT need to be on Zinc hell any man needs to be on it. It will help with E2 but not much. It's good for your testis.



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