Want to learn

  1. Want to learn

    hey guys

    i'd like to klearn more about this stuff. i read dr shippens book which mostly covers testosterone...but there seems to be so much more to this stuff. i thought i was learning something until i posted the thinning hair post.....and then bam. it seems that one thing drives something else up, down, sideways....arrrgggg.

    whats the next book i should read? and is there anything that looks like a diagnostic flow chart for this stuff?

    i also saw some seminars posted...one that dr john will be speaking in...where do i find a listing of these

    thanks much

  2. It's hard to find any new good stuff after reading TRT: A Recipe for Success and the HCG Update or Shippen's book there is not much good stuff out there. I have read all the bad stuff so there nothing left. Have you seen this I think it's good reading.
    Male Hormone Modulation Therapy.. HGH replacement, Testosterone Replacement

  3. thanks phil i'll check it out

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