New Doc. for thyroid disease

  1. New Doc. for thyroid disease

    I'm seeing my 5th doctor for thyroid disease, and paying "out of pocket". Dr. Stephen E. langer in berkeley, highly regarded as a thyroid expert. I'm a little disapointed though.. HE was a direct student of DR. Broda Barnes and in his book discusses the thyroid/adrenal connection and use of cortisone(hydrocortisone in small doses when necessary) But, when I get in his office, he says use to he USED TO prescribe HC but know uses herbs (licorice,ginseng, etc) to support adrenals because of the difficulty of HC dosing and adjusting. His views on HC was part of the reason I went to see him, and I don't understand why you would supplement herbs and things unnatural to the body, to Hydrocortisone (which is natural to the body) to replace a difficiency. I'm taking the cortisol saliva tests for mine and his knowledge to bring back in two weeks when I see him again. Any comments?

  2. There are stages of Adrenal Fatigue if your not bad off yes try supplements and destress your life. But the problem is most Dr.'s don't look for AF they do a blood test and if your in the normal range you ok. So this goes on for a long time and you end up say going from stage 2 to say 5 or even 7. Now my thanking is and after trying supplements it's to late. You need to add HC or you will end up dead from Adrenal Failure.

    Frist I read "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome: Books: James L. Wilson,Jonathan V. Wright by James L. Wilson,Jonathan V. Wright."

    And I spent a lot of money on supplements and did this for about a yr. I showed the book to my Dr. and told him that my morning test for cortisol at 6 showed I have Adrenal Fatigue like in this book. He told me the guy is not a Dr. but a PHD and as long as your levels are in range you ok.

    This is a big problem for us not enough Dr.'s that listen to us and just go by the ranges.

    Thyroid and adrenal dysfunction: the diagnosis and treatment of an endemic syndrome

    So then I got Dr. Jefferies book "Safe Uses of Cortisol" read this and showed this to my Dr. and he said just taking 5mgs a day of HC will cause you all kinds of Problems. I told him I found a supplement called Isocort and would he be ok with my trying this. He said sure try it but there is nothing wrong with your Adrenals.

    Long story short is he now gives me Cortef at 5mgs 4 x's a day and lets me stress dose. Some time ago at night at about 9pm I was alone and I heard a big loud crash in the kitchen. What happened was the 8' lg. Valance for the blinds fell off the top of the blinds. This did something to me I could not breathe and my heart went nuts I though I was having a dam heart attack. I got dam weak and starting sweating my body felt num and I was getting stick to my stomach. Lucky for me my wife just came home from shopping and took me to the ER. After a lot of tests the Dr. told me I had a Adrenal Crash they gave me a shot and I was fine. So now my Dr. is treating me for Adrenal Fatigue.

    All of this happen after a bad bout of Bronchitis that lasted all dam winter long last yr. I have not been right sense and now we know I have a Pituitary Problem do to a auto accident some 23 yrs. ago. The thinking is I am getting on in age now 63 and my Pituitary that was damaged is getting old an can't keep up now.

    I feel most people that have AF have had it for a dam long time and the damage is to far gone. They need HC to live.

    ASI Stage One
    Large Selye Chart


  3. Reps to you PC, that was nice of you to share that. I had those problems too but my docs said it was panic attacks and not to worry about it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Reps to you PC, that was nice of you to share that. I had those problems too but my docs said it was panic attacks and not to worry about it.
    No I have had Panic Attacks this was no panic attack the thing I feel that helped the Dr. find this was my wife telling him I have low t due to a Pituitary Problem.

  5. Finding a good doc is a blessing.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Finding a good doc is a blessing.
    I use a lot of things Dr. John says to get my Dr. to come around.

  7. Printing off a lot of his lit for mine as well. Great man, Dr.J


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