Looking for a similar forum for women for my wife

  1. Looking for a similar forum for women for my wife

    Looking for a similar forum for women for my wife. We already know about lef.org.

    Thank you

  2. Id be interested too, but I havent seen one yet.

    There are quite a few females on HRT(non estrogen). They usually take 1/10 the dose of test. Ive heard about a bunch on HGH as well. All are having great results. Wish I could dig up a link.

  3. I once tried to find one too for a friend of mine. The best one I could find was the "Womens Lounge" at Elite Fitness Forum. The discussion is no-where near as focused as it is on here though. They tend to go off topic quite a bit and into topics such as shopping for shoes etc.....

    BUT.....they do have the odd libido, menopausal, birth control and hormonal questions pop up from time to time and would probably even be worth going back through the threads to see what she can find.

  4. How many women visit this board? Maybe we could start a section here to share ideas and information. I know my wife would also love to learn more, as she isn't a young spring chick anymore either. She is always asking me if there is any information I have found to help her with her libido/hormone levels.

  5. It would be great to start our own, but I am afraid that I would not be able to contribute too much. I didn't find much after a few hours of searching for women's hormone info.

    I started a similar thread here a few months ago and generated some interest. OT - Forum Like This One for Women? No links were presented to a site similar to this one for women. I found the links that I presented - they just aren't nearly on a par with this site.

  6. Forget the prices and location, just look what they do.




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