need some opinions

  1. need some opinions

    ok this is my first post here. i read a lot and i am a licenced nutritionlist and i have a staff member who is 18 now. last year when he was 17 he did his first bodybuiding comp. I didnt know him then. Since he has come to work for me we have discussed his diet from his first competition. He told me his high school weightlifting caoch helped him. So i asked himwhat he did. He told me the coach had him drinking 2-2.5 gals of water per day , 2 hrs of cardio as well in the beginning. This was in janunary the contest was june. the kid walked 1/2 to the gym and same time home and he had the kid do 1/2 of posing every day. also he cut the carbs in the diet as well. as time developed he increased the cardio to 3 -3.5 hrs a day and increased the posing to 1 hr per day. now the kid is 5 ft 4 tall and when he statrted he was 152 j first week of jan and was 132 at comp weight in june. now here is the issue. he kept telling me he would get tired after eating meals with carbs. i sent him to his regualr dr with the sugestion that he gets a gluecose tolerance test. his numbers were 87 at start 92 then downto 53 . the test was 2 hrs long. my concern is that since this coach didnt tell him to take any thing the volume of water has created some imbalance in his system combined with the excessive cardio and diet may have caused inslin issues.
    does anybody have any thoughts on this?

  2. With out having any conclusive testing such as an hormonal profile it would be hard to establish a starting point. Your staff member needs to have thorugh lab work done by a phyiscian to estabilish a possible cause. Problem is that most endos are only looking for one thing and forget about the rest and by treating the insulin imbalance and not looking for other hormonal abnormalities its almost like a band aid method. This is what my best opionon is that 2.5 gallons of water would be an excessive amount for a person this size and basically could cause dehyratrion due to the fact that the body nutrients would litterally be flushed out. With 2.5 gallons of water I would defiinetly expect some kind of electrolyte and mineral imbalnaces. Any hard working athletes knows how important proper supplementation is and this 17 year was instructed not to take a mulitivtmain is completely assanine because he was pissing out more then he was taking in and in my opinon could have easily induces a heart attack at any given time. What this kid endured probably literally stressed his adrenals and could be in first stage of adernal fatigue where cortisol is high as well as insulin goes up. It would not surprise me that other endocrine systems are out of balance as well and this needs to be address since when one goes down others tend to follow. Reactive hypoglycemia is directly related to adrenal fatigue as well as excessive stress levels or possible even hidden infections due to weaken immune system from stress of dieting. The Dr needs to do a through work out to make sure of any possible imbalance and once identified they need to be addressed.

  3. This is really interesting. I have been drinking about 2.5 gallons of water every day for about 10 years after reading this book on the benefits of over-hydration. It's funny because at first it seemed to be working.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by fbcoach View Post
    This is really interesting. I have been drinking about 2.5 gallons of water every day for about 10 years after reading this book on the benefits of over-hydration. It's funny because at first it seemed to be working.

    Yes but the thing is you were not doing 5 hours of cardio day on a high ptotein starvation diet, plus being 17 years old and a buck 140 soaken wett LOL THere is a slight difference i would say
  5. you didnt read

    it seems that you didnt read the whole thing. and the medical term for this is called hyponatremia which usually
    happens to long distance runners not 17 year old kids who weigh from 132 to 155. this issue has caused this 17-18 old a host of issue now which if his doctore dont wake up and treat soon will create life time issues for him.



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