Strange as it sounds this is true and I just watched him play basketball for a local team.....

Ok....maybe it is not that strange that with a pituitary tumor he is so tall. What was amazing to me is that this tumor suppresses his testosterone production and endurance.

He actually looks remarkably normal for someone so tall. He is well proportioned and huge....something like 350 pounds, if not more.

From what I saw he has no endurance at all.....of course he is slow at that height but on about half of the possessions he didnt even cross half court.

From what I have read on wikipedia he had the tumor removed.

I am wondering if Dr John can....or would want, to help him. It could be good publicity for him and it could get this guy to the NBA not to mention save his life. He seems remarkably coordinated but simply unable to keep up.

I am just thinking out loud but think this could be a win win scenario.