DR john

Instead of using an antiestrogen could one possible reduce the chance of T-cream to converting to estrogen by:

1.Switching from testocreame to a possible brand that you would recommend
2. Rotating the creame to other areas of the body such as shoulders, flank of ribs, thighs, except forearms. Could applying the cream in the same area consistantyl cause an over production of estrogen due to the fact that its creating a large resevoir of testosterone on one spot and making my body to work hard to detoxify it
3. using DIM / TMG is a given to convert from bad to good estrogen
4. Could taking the cortisol for adrenal fatigue which increases DHEA as shown nicely by proggrmmer. When there is more DHEA there is more chance of conversion to estrogen as well which could be adding more fuel to the fire so to speak

Phil you were right I tried some product called estrodex from sans for 5 days and got nothing out of it. I went back on the indoplex and morning wood came back with a vengence. i took 2 at night and BINGO next morning onyl thing i do not like is that is has a mess load of calcium carbonate that binds to thyroid medicine. I am going to see a immunologist about seeing where environmental/ food allergies could be coimg from I have an idea it may be a food sweetner or binder in the products i am using could be adding hepetic stress and clogging up my estrogen detoxifcation