Avoiding excess conversion of testosterone into estradiol during testosterone treatme

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by JanSz View Post
    Hardasnails notes of dr Marianco's posts.

    Warning, 424 pages.
    It is converted from eml to doc
    Board is not accepting eml
    If something is missing, please note,
    I have the original as received from HAN.
    It is awesome.

  2. A low SHBG is primarily caused by high insulin levels or insulin resistance.

    It may also be contributed to by high testosterone, high DHEA, high growth hormone, low thyroid, low estrogen, low progesterone.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by plymouth city View Post
    It is awesome.
    Its actually from chip who did this.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hardasnails1973 View Post
    Its actually from chip who did this.
    Rep points for you chip, thank you.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by plymouth city View Post
    Rep points for you chip, thank you.

    See its not right never taking some one elses credit

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    I'm happy to share that I use the Power-N-Speed formulation. Does wonders for my leg workout.

    Friday, due to lack of time (as usual) I had only 30 min for my entire lower body workout. Swallowed one of those caps with a patient sitting in front of me. Ate an apple on the ride to the gym (you have to make sure you ingest carbs with the nitrogen products or risk uncomfortable hypoglycemia). Set of Nautilus abs, three descending sets for calves, then, non-stop, 20 Nautilus leg curls, 20 Nautilus leg extensions, then 20 deep ones with 245 squat. Thought I might puke, got two sets of hyperextensions. All in 18 minutes. But the benefit of the high Nitrogen really came through--feels like opening up a four barrel.

    It's surprising how a puny 245 feels at the end of a Nautilus leg workout.

    Its nice to see the dr practicing what they preach about being healthy and staying in shape. Most drs are fat and out of shape and usually can not wait to get to the car to have a smoke . HAHAHA I got to give that a try some time. I like to occasionally use NO SHOT GUN and I am flying high for a good hour or more

    Ps I was a great speler at one time , but getting old really sucks some time. i think it my keyboard sticking that what it is !!


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