Taking Cortisol causing itching??

  1. Taking Cortisol causing itching??

    About 2 months ago I started 5mg Cortisol am and 5mg pm for adrenal fatigue. After about a month I felty itching after evening shower, now I am itching a lot of the time. Does anyone know why that should be and what I can do about it?

  2. Ya know I used to have a similar problem, I would take a shower and feel extremely itchy..., OMG I CANNOT STOP ITCHING, kind of itchy. I decided to change the soap I was using and make sure I washed it all off and the itchyness stopped.

  3. Try a skin moistureizer, like Neutrogena. Most all stores carry it. Works great! I use it all the time when those cold dry winter days dry out my skin so much.

  4. Have you ran this past a DR?

  5. Could be the dryness of air present in winter indoor environments. My cousin got itchiness in winter due the dryness of air."Winter itch".



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