Androgel split dose

  1. Androgel split dose

    Androgel is usually applied once daily.
    I am using two packets daily, 10grams or 14 packets weekly.
    Or on average I am using one packet every 12 hours.
    I have a load of supply of Androgel in those packets.
    I would like to reduce my dose from 10grams daily to about 7 or 7.5grams
    That would be easy task with a pump, but I have 5gram packets.
    So if I use one packet every 16 hours that will be just about the same, on average.
    Problem is, that is a thight schedule, 16 hours on the dot.
    But I could do it if I relax this 16 hours requirement and add tolerance of +- 4 hours,
    another words sometimes it would be 12 hours other times 20 hours from the last application.
    But on the weekly average it would be the desired 16 hours.

    Am I going to have too large variations in my T level?
    In trying to answer that question I looked at Figure 1 and 2 of
    In figure 2 I am looking at the 180 days line since I am taking Androgel for years.

    My answer is that it should be acceptabe way of lowering my dose, do I hear Yes?

  2. The first question in my mind is why do you want to reduce your dosage?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by glg
    The first question in my mind is why do you want to reduce your dosage?
    On 2 packs of Androgel (long term) I am testing
    Total T=932 (241-827)
    FreeT=36.5 ((6.6-18.1) for my age, should realy have (18-26.6)
    DHT 226 (30-85)

  4. Why not just use 7.5 grams each morning? Use a syringe(not with a needle), open up 2 packets, measure out 7.5 grams and use that, and keep the half a packet airtight for the next day.

  5. I agree.

    I was in the same boat on the androderm patch. T was at 1009 don't remember the Free but it was up also. I had about 1 month of patchs left but my D.O. swithched me to the pump and reduced me to 1 pump (1.25 mg) ED til next labs. Then may up the dosage at that time or may finish the patchs...have to wait and see.



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