Androgel dosage manipulation question

  1. Androgel dosage manipulation question

    Quick question:

    I know that my doc is very conservative and that my test has been very low for a long time and i wanted to cheat my test a little. So 2 days before my blood test to see the effects of 5g of androgel, i took no androgel. Then 1 day before the blood test i took 2.5g just to make sure it wasnt retarded low. Then the day of the test i either took 2.5 again/none at all, i forget. Bottom line is i didnt take the normal 5 for 2 days before the test or the morning of...

    If one were to take 5g of androgel daily, with pre-androgel test levels in the 200s, and the results after 5 months (meaning natural test isnt adding to the external test anymore) come into the 300s what would my real "legit" results likely be closer to? 400s? 350? etc?

    to say it more concisely, if i tampered with lower dosaging two days prior to my blood test while on 5g of androgel, and my results went from 200s(before 5g androgel) to 300s (after 5g androgel) how much would my tampering affected the levels?

    Please only those who have manipulated androgel blood tests/experienced users answer.


  2. Sir Dr. John,

    Please refrain from telling me "shame on me", or that I am "ethically challenged". I didn't attack or judge you for being such a goody two shoes, right? Please respect me. I respect you, as well as the knowledge and help you could bring into my life. Regardless maybe I didn't get my situation accross to you properly.

    I should have probably explained myself...

    Hey guys, ive been whining about my muscles and vigor etc etc to my docs for years. even when i was 17 years old i knew that something wasnt right. everyone, including doctors, and people on these boards told me that i was in good shape and young and that everything was ok. i always believed i didnt look/exude low testosterone because i worked out and ate so hardcore. finally i met an endo, and at 21 years old im FINALLY on HRT.

    my levels came back in the 400s a year ago, then in the 200s this year, so something isnt quite right.

    i did develop ulcerative colitis about 2 years ago. its a pretty disabling auto-immune disorder. i also have hypothyroidism, besides hypogonadism. so i figure those could have an effect on my levels, maybe thats why there so low?

    long story short im on androgel 5g, pretty ****ty results and ive been at college for 4 months, so i didnt get the "2 weeks later test level check". i just got it done the other day, so im hoping ill get switched to 10g. im pretty sure i would, so ive already begun taking 10g because i cant wait for my results to come back!!! 10g already feels alot better.

    i talked with my FEMALE endo doctor:
    she said that having levels in the 300s is within the normal range and that she "leaves many people in at that level for life". Am i screwed? i told her if im going to be on HRT for life i want to be at the high end of normal. I told her if my levels were at 400 when i started complaining then obviously my body is used to having much higher levels. after much arguing and discussion she said that she would see how things went after two months on 7.5g of androgel, and then if needed try 10g. she said she would let/try to get me in the 600s, almost to 700s. no higher.

    this is why i asked that question about dosage manipulation. because if i dont slightly tamper the results, illl NEVER get levels above 500 with this woman. She already flat out told me on the phone if i dont like the way shes doing things i can find another endo. She said she is HAPPY with levels in the 300s, and would go as high as 600s-ish

    i just want to be happy, healthy, and in the high end of normal test.

    Now can you please tell me how much of a variation i would see by lowering dosage two days prior to blood test?

    Thanks Dr. John! I appreciate your help! Have a good one.

  3. Regardless of your reasoning you are still tampering with test results and any good doc will notice these things. Especially when you're trying to convince your doc to give you higher medication doses.

    She told you that if you don't like her business find another doc. So find another doc if you're not happy with yours but don't come here expecting how to be told to change your test levels.

  4. how could she tell i was tampering with the dosage? all she will notice are the direct results of me taking in less androgel, ie. less potency of effects.

    and are you moderators basically banning me from asking questions of this nature? or are you just telling me im a bad little boy, and im allowed to await an informative response?

  5. I recommend that you read the General Forum Rules

    If you are unable to abide by these conditions then you can find somewhere else to post.

    Thank You!

  6. I believe you have your answer. Locking this thread down.


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