Low Libido With Good Test Level?????

  1. Low Libido With Good Test Level?????

    Why would my sex drive be down if my test level is good? My last labs show my test levels are at about 700, My est levels are normal range and my sex drive is very low. I am 41 and in great shape, i am on hrt for about a year now, anybody got any advice on what to check next.

  2. The experts are going to want to know the rest of your test results with lab ranges included. Did you have free or bioavailable testosterone tested? How about thyroid - TSH, free T3, free T4? Cortisol, DHEA, SHBG, DHT? Not that all that has to be tested, but anything that you have had tested please post the results. There is much more to sex drive/libido than just testosterone.

  3. Thanks for the info. I have all of those test i think. I'll list the results of my last test asap.

  4. Maybe a life in the seminary is in the future
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  5. If your on a strong antiestrogen, that will cut down your sex drive.


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