Measuring Basal Body Temperature.

  1. Measuring Basal Body Temperature.

    I found this to be a good read full of good info. Looks like even after you reach you right dose of Armour it can take up to a year for your Basal Body Temp's to come up.

    The Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism - Michael Schachter M.D., F.A.C.A.M. - HealthWorld Online

    Measuring Basal Body Temperature
    Instructions for taking basal body temperatures are relatively easy. Use an oral glass thermometer. Shake the thermometer down before going to bed, and leave it on the bedside table within easy reach. Immediately upon awakening, and with as little movement as possible, place the thermometer firmly in the armpit next to the skin, and leave it in place for 10 minutes. Record the readings for three consecutive days. Menstruating women must only take the basal temperature test for thyroid function on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th day of menses(preferably beginning on the 2nd day). Males, pre-pubertal girls, and post-menopausal or non-menstruating women may take basal temperatures any day of the month. Women taking progesterone should not take it the day before and the days that the basal temperatures are taken.

    Most of the information on the manifestations of hypothyroidism, its diagnosis, including the technique for measuring and interpreting basal temperatures, and the treatment to be discussed was compiled and described by the late Dr. Broda O. Barnes. He is the author of the book Hypothyroidism: the Unsuspected Illness. His work is disseminated to physicians and the public by the foundation bearing his name, which is located in Trumbull, Connecticut.

    How does one interpret the results of the basal body axillary temperature test? If the average temperature is below 97.8 Fahrenheit, then the diagnosis of a low functioning thyroid system is likely. An average temperature between 97.8 and 98.2 is considered normal. An average temperature above 98.2 is considered high and might reflect an infection or a hyperthyroid condition.

    Treatment of Hypothyroidism
    Once a pattern of hypothyroid symptoms is established and the basal body temperatures are found to be low, the next step is a therapeutic trial of thyroid hormone. Dr. Barnes, his physician followers and many patients have found that the most effective thyroid medication is Armour Desiccated Thyroid Hormone. This medication is derived from the thyroid gland of the pig. It most closely resembles the human thyroid gland. It is dried or desiccated and processed into small tablets. In contrast, most conventional physicians prefer to use the synthetically produced thyroxine or T4. In my experience and the experience of many other physicians using Dr. Barnes' protocol, the synthetic T4 is not as effective as the desiccated thyroid.

    How can we monitor the results of treatment if the blood tests are inadequate to the job? We do this by how the person feels, whether or not the thyroid symptoms and signs have improved or disappeared, whether or not symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland have developed, and by monitoring the basal body temperature.

    Generally, the dosage of Armour thyroid is best started at a low dose, with a gradual increase every week or two, until the optimal therapeutic dosage is reached. It may take four to six weeks at the optimal dosage to feel the full therapeutic benefits. In my practice, I generally start the patient on 1/4 grain or 15 milligrams daily. Every week or two, I increase the dosage by 1/4 grain per day until 1 to 2 grains daily are reached. Usually, the optimal dosage is in this range, provided that the patient is doing the other adjunctive necessary things, which I will discuss in a moment. Occasionally, the dosage may need to be 2 and a half grains daily or more. Full therapeutic benefits many not be fully realized for months and the basal temperatures may not come up to normal for a year or more. The dosage for infants is usually 1/8 to 1/4 grain daily and from one to six years old, the dosage is usually 1/4 grain. From 7 years to puberty, 1/2 grain is usually used, but it may need to be increased.

  2. Looks like good info you found there......

    another two good booksonly stuff I've read)

    Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness (Hardcover)
    by Broda Barnes "A young housewife who feels rundown, tires easily, is sleepy much of the time, and strangely oversensitive to cold weather..." (more)

    The Thyroid Solution by Ridha Arem,M.D."excellent thyroid mind-body emotional states links with thyroid type of stuff"

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