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  1. Dr. John - TSH Test Value

    From Does Arimidex decrease Total E, or E2, or both? - I didn't want to hijack that thread, so I started a new one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    TSH is an extremely valuable test.
    I think TSH tests are valuable, but I wouldn't say extremely valuable. I know people in which their doctors (including the Endo) wanted to diagnose (or not diagnose) them based in the TSH level. In the case of my wife, her TSH levels fell under "normal". She still convinced the doc to give her a T4 script. It was kind of a low dose (either 50 or 75 mcg), but it definitely helped her.

    What are your thoughts on the information presented here: Stop The Thyroid Madness Index Page

  2. Thats a question I have had too.

    Dont mean to thread jack but the exact part of the site that says TSH is not so good is here:

    Stop The Thyroid Madness TSH - Why It’s Useless

    Not trying to second guess anyone here....but my primary issue is with thyroid and I am looking for some opinions regarding tsh.

  3. My very amateurish beleif is that tsh...thyroid stimulating hormone....does just what it says, it tells the thyroid to produce hormones.

    If the thyroid isnt working properly......the tsh would be almost irrelevant, wouldnt it?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by spinn
    If the thyroid isnt working properly......the tsh would be almost irrelevant, wouldnt it?
    Actually, if the thyroid isn't responding to TSH and producing thyroid hormones, then TSH levels will show up high on the results, being primary hypothyroidism (as TSH is ramping up to get hormones created). Also, if the value is too low, then that can be a cause of secondary hypothyroidism.

  5. TSH along with free T4 and T3 is a better bet if I am not mistaken. Low TSH alone can caused by other issues e.g pituitary. Signs and symptoms along with a abnormal TSH and an average MD then it might be a good indicator.

    BTW, low TSH levels would be indicative of elevated T4, I am surprised the physician wrote a script for synthroid based on that.

    An internal medicine buddy of mine carried around a list of possible Dx related to TSH, T4, T3 levels. It was longer than I would have thought.
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  6. The way I understand this TSH is dam good way to test someone not on Armour. But as one is on Armour and the brain sees the levels going up it starts to slow down sending TSH so the levels go way down. Some Dr.'s mine included feels a low test of TSH means the person is HYPER on to much Armour. My Dr. did this to my Wife he told her to lower her Armour she did and got sick feeling hypo again. She went back to him complaining she feels bad again he told her to see an Endo he can't help her anymore. She got dam mad because she come to him from an Endo that had her on Synthroid. We found her a new Dr. at the Armour web site a DO and he said TSH was not useful when on higher doses of armour my wife was only on 2 grains. He told her to go back up and put her on Fish Oil and DHEA now she feels fine.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    This is just an example of misusing the test--not anything wrong with the test itself...

    ...This is an example of (nearly) the entire medical community being wrong.
    Thanks for the clarification. As always, you-da-man, er, Doc.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    Some doctors are afraid to see TSH go very low. They do not understand it has no other meaningful job than stimulating the thyroid. It's not like LH, which has great value elsewhere. That is why I always use HCG in all my TRT patients.
    As for HCG I keep putting the word out there I am telling a guy that has no testis that HCG may still help him to feel better. Like you told me, that got my Dr. to let me use it. There are just to many Leydig cells (LH receptors) and ones we have yet to discover and appreciate to go unstimulated.

    And you would not believer the guys jumping in saying HCG will do nothing for him he has no testis.


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