What are optimal levels of serum Cortisol?

  1. Question What are optimal levels of serum Cortisol?

    Ok guys.. after reading Grounded's post regarding his dramatic turn-around in health:

    Originally Posted by Grounded
    In addition to the symptoms and with no other health issues needing immediate intervention the whole hormone picture is necessary to help with the diagnosis. In my case:

    Total T = 562 desired range 700-900 currently around 1,100
    Free T = 99 desired range 130-190 currently around 158
    DHT = 7 desired range 25-75 currently around 64
    Estradiol = 66 desired range 10-40 currently around 22
    DHEA = 220 desired range 350-500 currently around 311
    Cortisol, AM = 17.2 desired range 8-18 currently around 11.1
    IGF-1 = 202 desired range 250-320 currently around 252

    From beginning until now I've had eight blood tests for CBC w/ differential & platelet and hormone panels. Three of the eight also included Chem-screen, cholesterol, homocysteine, thyroid, urinalysis and Cardio CRP.

    Initial Test started at 100 mg/week, injected cyp.
    Initial HGH started at 1 iu/day, six days/week

    Not much changed through the two years. HGH is up to 1 1/2 iu/day, seven days/week and T at 120 mg/week. The HGH was increased twice after periods of about 6-9 months and the T increase happened after one year. DHEA increased early in the program and has remained steady since. Arimidex unchanged from beginning at 2 mg/week. Of the dietary supplements involved only CoQ10 has been increased.

    Strength training (their evaluation-no need to change a thing from what I was doing but consider the benefits of a trainer) and diet (moved me to 6 meals a day, better choices) is strongly emphasized. They provide exercise and diet prescriptions to the detail requested as part of the service.

    The provider's opinion was that I could greatly benefit from just getting my estradiol under control and work stress out of my life for cortisol. The whole picture indicated a full program if I wanted to choose that route.

    We tend to focus on T levels. What I've learned is that it's not that simple. We shouldn't loose sight of the whole picture of what makes this work. Balance of the whole hormone spectrum is necessary along with real physical effort and focused eating. When it comes to diet and exercise I know I'm "preaching to the choir" with this group.

    For me just diet and exercise (I was doing a really good job) was no longer physically or mentally effective. I was sliding backwards not even able to maintain many aspects of life. My HRT program has changed everything. Best of all is my new sense of wellbeing. Life, bring it on.

    I then posted on another thread this:
    Grounded seems to be feeling great even with a morning cortisol of 11. Aside from the staple line of "everybody's body is different", wouldn't an AM cortisol of 11 usually be considered hypoadrenal or at least mild adrenal fatigue?

    There seems to be two schools of thought going on. One that AM cortisol for a healthy man should be in the 20's if not low 30's. And the other position is that cortisol is bad and therefore should be kept as low as possible.

    What do u guys think in terms of optmal numbers?

    JanSz replied by writing:


    Range 14-29 (desirable here) are called "Accelerated aging" in the LEF recomended book, Life Extension Revolution by P. Miller, MD

    JanSz's post confirms the dichotomy of views on AM Cortisol even among reliable sources. Maybe we can figure this out collectively?


  2. This is a topic of interest for me also. My saliva test was very low and am waiting to see if nutraceuticals have raised it or if I will be going on a mineral-corticoid.

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