Testosterone and sleep?

  1. Testosterone and sleep?

    I havent seen much written about this but my body is telling me that I have trouble sleeping because I have low testosterone. I cant say how I know this but I can just feel my body begging for testosterone in order to sleep.

    It is especially bad in the morning. I is now about 7 am and I need about 4 more hours of sleep but I swear my body just wont go to sleep because I dont have enough test.

    Am I right on this?

    And can we discuss some things I can do to help me sleep?

    I am currently taking Xyrem for sleep but it has mostly lost its effectiveness.

  2. I'm thinking if you believe you have low test you should goto a doctor and get tests done. There are many reasons why people can't sleep properly...

  3. I guess anything's possible, but you should get the other, more obvious things checked out first. Sleep apnea is going to be a much more likely cause, IMO. An overnight stay in your local hospital's sleep lab is going to be able to rule out sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, etc.

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