estrogen and progesterone

  1. estrogen and progesterone

    What are some sympoms of low estrogen and elevated progesterone for males? all i can find is for women. i get blood work next week, but some thing is going on. I am not getting morning wood like i usually do, my boobs are killing me, but could not only elevated estrogen so this but also progesterone. I did find an interesting lab a year back that my testosterone was 1200 and estrodial was only 9. This could be for fact that may be my body needed the higher testosterone to displace the estrogen. i can not wait to see what the lab work shows with its high or low estrogen. Also the higher testosterone boosted up my dhea to 500. May be starting the HRT actually lowered my estrogen and the anti estrogen suppelments where not necessary in the first place driving my estrogen down even lower.

    Not having enough estrogen could this impair muscle building effects as well as stiff joints, decreased libido, mental disorientation (low serotonin levels) , memory, and fatigue, skin hydration (dry sking)

  2. Lack of morning wood and low libido are symptoms. Another one that I read about in one of the stickies was lack of sensation during sex. These are 3 symptoms I have suffered with for years.

    I am getting tested in a couple of weeks as well. Keep us posted.

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