My labs suck!

  1. My labs suck!

    DHEA 161 ug/dl Optimal level is 400-560

    LH & FSH 2.4 & 2.4 not too bad

    Free Testosterone 100.2 pg/ml Optimal 125-155

    Total Testosterone 268 ng/dl Optimal 600-1000

    IGF-1 153 ng/ml Optimal 200-350 ng/ml

    Estradiol 12 pg/ml Optimal below 30

    Prolactin 3.4 ng/ml Optimal below 8.3

    PSA, total 0.5 ng/ml I got a good prostate

    Well there ya have it. 26 years old and feeling like ****. My Dr. prescribed me DHEA 50mg sublingual and also HCG 250 IU and .25mg Anastrozole EOD.

    She also said she would like me to start HGH if my Insurance will pay for it. How can i get them to say yes on the HGH. My IGF-1 levels are low, but not under the lab range (126-382). Whats the best way to afford it, if i have a prescription, but insurance won't pay? Thanks

  2. Have you been under extreme stress because that can make an impact. Magnesium may help in bringing dhea and igf-1 levels up possible since your estrogen looks good zinc intake is probably pretty good. how often do you workout because over traning can a big problem. Again they only looked at half the pics she needs to take free t-3 and free t4. Thyroid drives your whole endocrine system. She may also check into a insulin imbalance with a glucose tolerance test which can simply also identify adrenals/insulin imbalances. Endocrine sytem works together an if one thing is out it can cause everything else to go out as well. Drs only look at part of the problem and not entire pics. TRy some ZMA before bed it might bring up DHEA, igf-1 . 90% of americans lack magnesium in diet and do not know it.

  3. Yes, she wanted me to take a ZMA supplement before bed. She also said she wanted to run the Thyroid and Glucose test on my next labs. She seems to headed in the right direction at least.

  4. You are very lucky !!! my drs were idiots. She is definitely headed in right direction.

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