HGC / PCT / Tribulus / Alternative Options?

  1. HGC / PCT / Tribulus / Alternative Options?

    I posted my story on the forum a few day's ago, i made the post too long though and it didn't get many replies.

    I will keep this thread short. My situation is rather simple. I got a testicular injury that caused a varicocele to form. Over 13 week's the Varicocele caused progressive testicular atrophy. This in turn lead to low testosterone levels and all the nasty side effects.

    My other testicle was already atrophied since a similar thing happened many year's before, so in theory i was a one ball wonder. I had no problems and decent testosterone levels up until this happened (700+ down to 300+).

    I got the varicocele repaired on monday (about 15 week's after the initial injury) just to see if it will help thing's. Lot's of medical papers and report's say it will improve testosterone levels as everything else is in range (LH/FSH are still "normal" meaning no damage at this stage).

    The thing is, everyone know's bigger testicles (or "normal" sized) ones produce more sperm/testosterone. I got put on TRT (Androgel) for 4 week's and it helped a bit but it was causing the usual estrogen/DHT problems.

    All i want todo is go back to the way i was before and reverse this atrophy (if possible). My LH/FSH are all in the normal range, no problems there. I don't want to shutdown my HPTA just to bring my testicle back up size.

    I was thinking about doing HGC but this could cause further problems with my HPTA. I no little too nothing about PCT/Tribulus and was hoping someone could offer some advice.

    At this stage i could sit back and wait to see if thing's improve on their own but the symptoms of low testosterone at 23 aren't pleasent (Libido/ED, Muscle/Joint Pain, etc). I have already noticed some skin changes and weight gain (though very little) which i would like to reverse.

    HGC might be too potent in this situation and i don't want more problems. I thought about HGH, but again the same problems as HGC.

    I am thinking an optimized diet/suppliment routine might be best? How does this sound:

    60mg Zinc + Copper
    800mg Vit E
    750mg Tribulus Terrestris
    500mg L-Arginine
    50mg Grape Seed Extract

    I am basically not wanting to jump on the HGC band-wagon if it's going to make thing's worse in the long run (HPTA problems).

    Any help or advice would be great. Thank's in advance guys!

  2. I'm not sure how HCG would harm your HPTA? It is often used during a steroid cycle to prevent atrophy due to shutdown.

    I've tried Tribulus in an effort to naturally increase my test levels, but didn't respond to it as far as I could tell. What does your Dr. suggest?

  3. Thanks for the reply SoMdHunter.

    My doctor isn't willing to help me as he claims that i am not suffering from hypogonadism. I told him i have all the symptoms of low testosterone but he didn't want to help me. My blood results came back like this.

    Free Andro. Index: 104.5 (36 - 156)
    FSH : 2.2 U/L
    LH : 3.9 U/L
    TSH: 1.8
    Prolactin: 169 mU/L (0 - 400)
    SHBG: 20 nmol/l (6 - 45)
    Testosterone: 20.9 nmol/l (10 - 36.0)

    Would taking nolvadex be a good idea? I am taking ZMA and going to purchase some DIM also.

    Still having problems with libido/ED and muscle/joint pain. Really hoping i can address these problems.

  4. Dr. John has stated in the past that hCG itself is supressive to the HTPA.

    I would stay far away from tribulus. The only studies done on it showed that it increased estrogen more than testosterone. Back in the late '90s, a couple of supplement "gurus" had an idea that maybe tribulus acted like hCG, and bam, the whole bodybuilding community takes it as gospel fact.

  5. You definitely not in need of HCG. Your numbers look pretty good actually. You may need to look at other reasons as to why you're feeling bad; other than hormonal reasons.

  6. Hes at 20nmol/l and I am at 19.1nmol/l and I have problems.


    I'm going to leave this thread here because this seems to be a real medical condition and your own doctor is unsympathetic. However, Dr. John can't be involved in advising people on doing things that are illegal (such as taking HCG without a prescription).

    So, keep the discussion in that general area (here's my medical condition, what OTC remedies might be helpful and/or what could I talk to a sympathetic doctor about) and you might get some good advice.

    If this discussion trends into the discussion of illegal activities it will be closed.


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