12 year old boy

  1. 12 year old boy

    Hello, this is my first post, I will try to be as short as possible!
    My 12 year old son is overweight (not sure why, the rest of our family isn't). He has lost about 25 pounds recently, by cutting out bad carbs. He has a high glucose level (hyperinsulinemia) and fatty liver disease.(according to the endo we just started with)
    His testosterone level is 27.6 with a range of 241.0 - 827.0.
    His penis is very small, and testicles do not seem to be descended properly. ( i know i'm a female, but i have a 15 year old son to compare to). Phil told me to write you here, and ask your opinion. It seems to be very well respected! I don't want to have to put him on any meds that aren't necessary, but just am very concerned that he will not develop properly. We have a DO, who just says wait and see what the endo. finds. Can you give me any input on him? I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks.

  2. I'd work closely with your doctors. If the boy already has diagnosed health conditions, then you're going to want to deal with those. If his testosterone really is an order of magnitude below the reference range, then your Endo is the best person to deal with it.

    Don't worry about putting him on anything that isn't necessary. Let the doctors tell you what is necessary. Once his health conditions are stabalized, you can work with the docs to get him off meds at that time (if medically advisable).

  3. I would also have him get a full physical to see if his testicles have even dropped yet. At about his age I had one that didn't and it required surgery. The Dr, assuming male, may also ask him if he is masturbating yet. Assuming he is now entering puberty (and he should be) he should also be at that point of his life.

    After a full physical exam and blood work, the GP will then be able to decide where next to go. Then again, if he has already been under medical treatment, all of this may have already been done.

  4. I may not be the best to compare to, but I was 14 when I went through puberty. Maybe it's just not time yet.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kincaiddave
    I may not be the best to compare to, but I was 14 when I went through puberty. Maybe it's just not time yet.
    I agree.... Same here 14 years old. As you stated, maybe it's not time yet.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jim Mills
    I agree.... Same here 14 years old. As you stated, maybe it's not time yet.
    And I hit earlier than most, around 10 years old. It's something to keep an eye on but I wouldn't be worried just yet because timing varies from person to person.

  7. I also had an undescended testicle that required surgery. I think I was about 10 years old at the time. I hit puberty at 13 years old, but I remember having 14 year old friends who were just hitting it.

  8. i hit in the 4th grade....got in trouble for sexual comments and started developing armpit and some serious pubic hair. the musular development started the beginning of 5th grade. people useing to think i was flexing my traps on purpose.

    word, lets give it up for environmental HPTA affectors

  9. I knew a kid who didn't have a deeper voice until he graduated highschool, he was like 5 feet tall and a squeek voice... i came back after my first semester of college and he was 6 foot 1 inches and had a wicked deep voice... some kids just hit that stuff late.


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