Dr. John - Mitochondrial Theory of Aging and Free Radical Theory of Aging

  1. Dr. John - Mitochondrial Theory of Aging and Free Radical Theory of Aging

    Dr. John,

    What is your opinion on the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging (MTA) and the Free Radical Theory of Aging (FRTA), and the protocols to reduce both as espoused in these articles:

    IAS Bulletin Article: The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging
    IAS Bulletin Article: The Free Radical Theory of Aging

  2. Bump for the Dr. (Or anyone else with knowledge of this subject.)

  3. I have been following these theories for quite a while now and most research that I've read seems to support them. I think if you increase mitochondrial activity then therefore it seems to make sense that free radicals would increase so more anti os would be needed. I've recently read somewhere that also suggests that the body creates its own anti-os to compensate. I am always glad to see a reference to deprenyl a great molecule and very effective, I often wonder why it isn't referenced for PCT as it stimulates luteinizing hormone really rather well and has all the other neuro protective qualities t'boot. Check out
    CERI: Deprenyl article from <i>Smart Drug News</i>
    Selegiline ( l-deprenyl )
    deprenyl (smart drug) article by James South
    and for mitochondrial anti-os check this, it's the "evolved" version of idebenone
    Entrez PubMed

  4. Another area you want to look into is the methylation cycle. Alot of bodybuilders i know have alterations with in these pathways. Once these pathways are balances (under or over methylated) then your antioxidents reserves will be functioning optimally protecting us from enviromental exposures and possibly even cancer. Most general population has to some degree a fatty liver and they may not know it now but years down the road it will start to show up. The methylation cycle imbalances can also be a way to correct thyroid, adrenal, testosterone problems but this is one area that drs are not aware of that even exists. By not having enough gluthione your can not store glycogen and there for your body goes into intracellular starvation with out you even knowing about it eventually shutting down your thyroid, adrenals,ect. Give you an example how this could posible lead into cancer from estrogen for example. Estrogen depletes zinc which is need for a reaction calle methionne synthase. This enzyme helps to convert folic acid to its active form and helps to recycle homocysteine back to methionne which then produces sam-e and cycles starts all over again. People that are undermethylated this process does not happen and either it causes homocystein to build up to high levels or it gets diverted by other pathways TMG//choline/ CBS. Now here comes the kicker and the most dangerous parts. if a person is under methylated for to long and the folate/b-12 /tmg pathway are depleted or (for people that do not eat whole eggs and have choline deficeincy). in order to keep the cycle in balance the body will then break down the cell membranes to get the choline from phosphodytl choline and basically the cell cause self suicide (atoposis) and as you can see this is not good at all. So mitochondrial rejuvenation is excellent, but do not forget about its twin sister which is even more important proper methylation. It tok me nearly 2 years to master ths biochemistry, but its also the only reason i am alive to day as well. Through study the mitochondrion and methylation pathways i am free of depression and just have to get my hormones in balance and be good to go. scarey part is that 50-60% of the population is in deep crap and only time untill medical profession waking up to see where disease comes from and thats within the cells and how they replicate. i had my mid life crisis 20 years early and would not have changed it for anything.

  5. Thanks for the replys. I'll take a look at the methylation cycle.

    Still hoping the Dr. will provide some insight here...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    They are both playas.

    While at the Royal College of Physicians lecturing last year, I had breakfast with a very smart chap who gave a lecture that the most serious cause of aging is reduced flux of nutrients/waste products across the cell membrane.

    Another piece of the picture.
    Yes very true.
    I'm sure you are familar with one of my one of the best drs i went to Dr Patricia Kane's work in bi phospholipids and cell membrane theory. "We are only as healthy as our cell membranes are". She is excellent and very expensive, but worth every minute. Only thing was during session only 1/2 hour was spent on going on your lab and 2.5 other was just casual talk, but any one concerned about your over all health should research her work its very intriquing. i have learned alot of my information from researching autism.


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