Question concerning pain in the scrotum.

  1. Question concerning pain in the scrotum.

    I am new to this site. I tried taking a supplement called Z-mass and woke up with an aching feeling in my nutsack. I have had a vasectomy. I don't know if it was all mental due to not having taken any type of supplement like this before or if it was a true side effect. This was last year and I stopped using it after the second dose. I am about to try Powerfull and Alpha X (Nutra-planet stack).

    A little history: 36 year old male, off again and on again weight lifter with a busy schedule. Trying to get back into a regular lifting schedule. Only things that I have taken are creatine, muscle milk, Z-mass, NO X-plode. Currently taking muscle milk.

    I have not had time to do a search over this subject yet. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Welcome to the board.
    Zmass is a ZMA product right?

  3. I am not sure and I threw out the bottle after the second dose. This has been over a year ago but, I am a little unsure about putting another test booster in my sytem.

    Thanks for the welcome.

  4. I take zmass (zma) everyday off cycle. no problems. no vasectomy.

  5. Anyone else able to help this guy out.

  6. I'm not exactly sure but one of two things could be causing this. The ZMA or something else.

    Bare with me.

    I'm not huge on human anatomy, seeing as how I'm somewhat sqeemish. But depending on when natural test enters the scrotum, before or after the vasectomy site, could be causing the problem. Anyone know?

    Also, it could have been caused by numurous other reasons. How long ago was your surgery? I had a hernia surgery like 6 years ago and i still feel a slight tingle every now and again.

    Could have been that you incidentally hit it or your wife might have rolled over and kneed you in the crotch.

    I mean I personally don't see how the ZMA could have caused it, minus the scenario above.

    But pain in the scrotum would def. scare the sh*t outta me and I would run straight to my family doctor, which I would def. tell you to do.

  7. Most severe testicular problems are accompanied by lumps, vomiting, nausea, etc.

    I would have to wonder if the Zmass caused it, or if it was simply a fluke.


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