OT - Forum Like This One for Women?

  1. OT - Forum Like This One for Women?

    Sorry for the off topic post - I am hoping for recommendations for good forum(s) that are on the cutting edge for female homones.


  2. I'm a little surprised there is no more interest shown on this topic. Just in case I'm not the only one on the board that has a woman in their life that they want to help out on their hormones, I found this link - Hysterectomy Support, Recovery, Information - HysterSisters . On that site it looks like maybe this section is the equivalent to our board here - Hysterectomy Information - HysterSisters - Hormone Jungle Surgical Menopause . It is a very active site.

  3. I think there is interest but most of us dont know much about womens hormones.

  4. I think there are a ton of things that we coule have as women only topics, but to be honest there are only a handful of us girls on the board, and we get by by just squeezing our questions in where they fit the best.
    You could always post in the general section and see what responses you get.

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