New here & having some issues.

  1. New here & having some issues.

    I am new here & just wanted to know if anyone has had similar issues. I am on T shots plus HCG Q3D & have never felt better but as of late during the middle to the end of the day I have noticed I have been retaining more water, general brain fog & brain farts, hot flashes, erratic perspiration, & every once in a while my nips will kind of itch, but not often though.

    Now most of the time I feel great, even during some of these symptoms as well, but they can be annoying though.

    The worst symptom I have is OCD/anxiety & it can be a major issue at times, but I cannot solely contribute it to high or low E2 because I have been an anxious irritable jerk for my entire life.

    I would like to try some pregnenolone to help my OCD/anxiety & Dr. John has a cream but I can only afford tablets at the moment, but the other symptoms just plain annoy me.

    I also think my OCD/anxiety has been kicking my adrenal glands butt for a long time because I cannot workout for more than 3 day’s a week (5x5 kind of stuff) & stress is very intolerable & I have to recharge quite often (try to constantly stay relaxed). My relatives have always thought of me as being lazy but that is not the case.

    Before HRT, I had my Cortisol tested via a blood test 11 ug/dl range 7-25 & my DHEA was below range. I know those things are probably no longer relevant (a year or more ago) but whatever.

    Now I know those sound bad & they can be but don’t get me wrong I have never felt better, but there is feeling better from living an entire life of not & then there is feeling “complete” & that is what I want. My symptoms are a lot easier to deal with since I have been on this new Q3D protocol & I will never look back, but I think some things just may need a little tweaking & I’ll be kicking (insert imagination) & taking names.

    Sorry for the convoluted post.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    I am finding that men on TRT who still have "nipple issues"--even though their E is tuned well--can benefit from zinc supplementation. In fact, I am adding 50mg of zinc with 2mg of copper to everyone these days. Just as I have begun recomending pregnenolone, HCG and DHEA to all men on TRT.

    Start at 100/4 for a couple of weeks, and see if this helps. You can then cut back to 50/2 QD.
    I’ll try that, I also have some 10mg tablets of pregnenolone but have not used it & was wondering how much should I take & do I do it everyday even HCG day’s & do I lower my DHEA?

    In addition, will that help adrenal fatigue & OCD/anxiety?

    Should I take Zinc & copper in the am or pm?

  3. James, I suggest you read the stickies at the top of the forum please.

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