My primary Omega 3 source is fish oil (Carlson's), but I have used Flax Seed Oil in the past, and off and on have added a bit of ground flax seed to my morning protein shakes (per suggestion of the book UltraMetabolism).

This morning, on a radio program called "The People's Pharmacy," there was a guest doctor (Lillian Thompson?) talking about the benefits of Flax Seed. Her primary focus was for women fighting breast cancer, but some of the benefits of flax seem like they would be good for men on TRT. She said the lignans in flax reduced Estradiol similar to the way Arimidex does by blocking the aromotase enzyme, and that these same lignans also block estrogen receptors the same as the Rx drug Tomoxifin.

Those sound like good benefits to me. A plus in the column for consuming flax. Drs. Eades (authors Protein Power in the 90's) also pushed flax seed oil for both men and women.

On the same radio program this morning, another doctor said flax was great for women, but that there was some evidence that flax caused prostate problems for men. No details though.

Do any of our more learned members have any insights/suggestions to add to this subject?