Virilization of Young Children After Topical Androgen Use by Their Parents

  1. I cant imagine how I would feel if I was the parent responsible for that. My kids are all teenagers now, but its enough to make me never want to do a transdermal steroid cycle.

  2. Please do note that 3 of 5 case reports patients were contaminated with compounded testosterone cream/gel used for TRT.

  3. it is amazing how stupid people are.

    what i find even more amazing is the parent that went back on testosterone crememe for libido issues, which in turn re-raised his child's androgen levels. careless, disgusting, stupid, and repulsive

  4. You'd think some simple precautions would eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Applying it only to areas that will be covered by clothing would hypothetically take care of this. Or not?

  5. is it just passed on by skin to skin cotact?

    like say picking your child up or wrestling around w him/her

  6. a small amount of substance stays on the skin and can be absorbed for a limited amount of time after application.

    in all the cases mentioned in the study, the young children (infants) were constantly handled by their parents and in some cases slept in the same bed. They were constantly handing the children with the unwashed hands they had applied the cream with and placing the child on the areas of their body they had applied the creams to.

  7. Cut off your ***** and get under the needle!

  8. When I first switched from the cream to injects, that was one of the reason's I gave my doctor - we had just had our second child and I was afraid I would get some on them.


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