The Care and Feeding of a Penis.

  1. The Care and Feeding of a Penis.

    I just found this today always looking a good read.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by pmgamer18
    I just found this today always looking a good read.
    This link appears dead

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pmgamer18
    I just found this today always looking a good read.
    Sorry the link did not work here try this.
    The Care and Feeding of a Penis. by Dr. William Wong

  4. nice find. maca zinc :thumbs up:

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    nice find. maca zinc :thumbs up:
    I have been doing Maca for yrs. but only 1/2 tsp full 2 x's a day now I upped it can't wate to see how it works.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by pmgamer18
    I have been doing Maca for yrs. but only 1/2 tsp full 2 x's a day now I upped it can't wate to see how it works.
    how many miligrams is that?
  7. Requesting Dr. John to comment on this article

    Quote Originally Posted by pmgamer18
    Sorry the link did not work here try this.
    The Care and Feeding of a Penis. by Dr. William Wong
    This article appears contrary to my treatment.

    How about dhea and pregnenlone cream while on TRT? Thats what I do by dr.'s orders.

    I am taking 25mgs dhea 2x day and one Ml10% pregnenlone cream with 5gms androgel 100IU hcg.

  8. what an odd title for an article like that. lol.

    I dont know about dhea....i have something against it but i dont know why lol.

  9. interesting article to say the least.. The author was a bit too ill-informed for my taste..

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Ripw4
    interesting article to say the least.. The author was a bit too ill-informed for my taste..
    I found the same to be the case--I'm mistrustful of that guy--he may have a few good points but, I don't know, It's dubious.

  11. DHEA gives me REALLY bad back acne.
    Just letting you guys know...

  12. Can anybody remember the highlights from the article - the link is gone again?
  13. Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff
    Can anybody remember the highlights from the article - the link is gone again?
    The Care and Feeding of a Penis
    By: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.

    We can't help it, it happens to all. Somewhere after 27 our body processes begin to turn against us. The natural mechanism that causes aging and deterioration kicks into gear round about 27 and from then to 35 it's the steepest drop in health and conditioning levels we'll ever face. After that is the slide slows down, but only some. It's round about 35 that men become to come into the beginnings of their "change of life". This happens because our hormonal balance changes. As the years progress we make less testosterone and make more estrogen. After 40, Andropause, the male menopause kicks in and with it comes an almost total cessation in the production of testosterone! It's a safe bet that by 45 or 50 a man has more estrogen than his wife does! Physiological science now knows that it's this estrogen dominance that causes all of the ravages of middle age. The falling out hair, the swollen prostate, the loss of muscle mass, lowered fitness and increasing girth in the waist area are all signs of estrogen dominance. (1). But the worst symptom of all is the lack erection size and lack of libido. Some would have you think that can all be cured by the "little blue pill", not hardly.

    Estrogen, (E), is the enemy of manhood. In women E is good for only five things: to 1) start the menstrual cycle, 2) to start labor in childbirth, 3) increase fat deposits from the belly down, 4) to create depression along with mood aggravation and lastly 5) to create fibrosis and fan the flames of cancer! (2,3). Most all of the good effects medicine has currently attributed to estrogen are being reevaluated in the light of the increases in breast, cervical and uterine cancer among women taking estrogen hormone replacement therapy and in women using soy isoflavones to increase their estrogen levels. (The product litigation lawyers already smell class action law suits against major agra business and pharmaceutical companies on these points).

    In men E isn't good for very much except for bodybuilders growing "***** tits" (Gynocomasty), making you emotional and moody. Over and above that, E decreases muscle mass, increases bodyfat, swells your prostate, and makes your hair fall out. Surprised about the last two? You and the rest of the world were told that having too much testosterone produces the Di Hydro Testosterone that did those nasty things to your prostate and scalp. Wrong, turns out its E that converts to DHT much more readily than T does. Testosterone dominant men don't get swollen prostates or hair loss. (4). Look at the average pot bellied, bald, skinny armed 50+ year old; does he look like a poster boy for too much testosterone?What Testosterone dominant men do find happens a lot is having their valuable T converted into E at alarming rates. Why? Because as the PBS special "Assault on the Male" documented some years ago we live in an estrogen rich environment! Pesticides, preservatives, plastics, petroleum exhaust, synthetic fertilizers and soy products fill our world. (5). In a can of soy based baby formula or soy milk there may be as much estrogen as in a birth control pill. That's the reason why little girls are hitting menstruation before they mature and according to Doris Rapp MD, the worlds leading pediatric allergist, why there has been an increase in male homosexuality and infertility. (6,7,8). But in telling you why we're in trouble we're somewhat getting off the track here. What can we do within ourselves to control and reverse the situation? What can we do to restore full desire and sexual ability?

    Well, many in bodybuilding circles are using the hair of the dog technique to control estrogen dominance. Clomid, a medication made from a less active form of estrogen, is being taken by many a "roid" user. (Roids or anabolic steroids are a class of drug that mimic testosterone in their muscle growing ability but have no libido or sexual improving effects at all. They are NOT testosterone). This Clomid E hormone fills up the receptor sites for estrogen and does not allow the estrogen being produced by the body to be taken up and used. It's an OK technique, if you're a female breast cancer patient! But estrogen is estrogen and even a weak estrogen will have feminizing, mood altering, libido killing and muscle loss side effects on a male!

    We need to look for how nature controls estrogen dominance. Further, we need to find an answer that won't be as bad or worse than the original disease! We find that answer in two places, our own South Western deserts and the High Andes mountains. From the south west we have the Mexican Yam plant from whose root can be made all sorts of hormonal products so natural the body takes it for it's own. We see on the store shelves all sorts of DHEA, Pregnonalone, Estrogen, Progesterone and Androstene cream and oral supplements all made from Mexican yam.

    DHEA and Pregnonelone have been touted as great supplements for men to increase their sexual ability. The great myth in natural health circles is that the bodies "Wisdom" can take this DHEA or Prgenonelone and makes it into Testosterone. NYET, there is no such "Wisdom" operating in your biochemistry! What the body truly works on is the principle of economy of action; sparing energy by doing the least it can to get by. What the body does do is to convert that stuff into what it can make easiest - which is Estrogen. Making a hormone is a process of whittling away to get a useable product. Cholesterol becomes DHEA, which then becomes Pregnonelone, which gets whittled at some more to turn into Estrogen. The good stuff of Progesterone and Testosterone come further on down the line. At any point a process called aromatization can up-convert any down line product into an upline product but in the main, reduction upon reduction of a cholesterol molecule is how hormones are made.

    Is there "Wisdom" in the body to make DHEA or Pregnonelone keep on changing to Testosterone? Fact: when doing hormone tests on bodybuilders using DHEA and Pregnenolone to increase their T levels; the tests showed us that they were all dreadfully estrogen dominant with low testosterone! Worse than that, the T they did have was inactivated, bound up in the blood stream and not free to work. That body "Wisdom" must either have been out to lunch or not like bodybuilders!

    There are only two Mexican Yam products that should be used by men: the Androstene and Progesterone creams. Andro in its various forms is great stuff - from increasing muscle mass to fighting erectile dysfunction it is the poor mans T shot. Since Andro is one step away from being T it's just a short 15-min. jump in the liver from one to the other. But still, the T that Andro makes needs to be kept from upconverting into E. Enter progesterone (P). This is the hormone that preserves pregnancy in women, elevates mood, improves bone mass and does all of the good stuff formerly attributed to estrogen. Men are supposed to have some progesterone floating around their systems as well. P is E's natural enemy. P is used by the body to control E. Whenever a gal is having heavy PMS with the short temper, body aches and roller coaster emotions, natural doctors know an application of progesterone cream is the answer. Within 30 min. a gal will go from grouchy tiger to happy kitten. (2). If you know any bodybuilders using steroid drugs, DHEA or Pregnenolone; if you know formerly hard charging business men over 45, do the symptoms I listed for PMS sound familiar? You bet they do, and they're are a sign of having too much E. P works just as well for men in controlling estrogen as it does for women. (1).

    So what do you do to get progesterone? Do you slink into the health food store and slyly ask for a jar of natural progesterone cream for your wife, girl friend or significant female other? Well you can but you don't have to; there are progesterone cream products meant for men to control their estrogen problems. Use those. Now here's the trick, use some but not too much. This is definitely a case where, unlike sex and money, more is not better! You see not only does P keep T from becoming E but also TOO much P can keep Andro from becoming T. Since all the testosterone we make comes from Andro, our own or supplemented, this is not a good thing. Most male progesterone creams are 10-mg of P per measured squirt. The 10-mg figure is half of what the women use. This 10-mg figure for a man's cream was dreamt up by a Gynecologist. Hum, just how much about male hormones, their maintenance and balance does a gyno know about? Next to nothing!

    Men's progesterone cream comes in containers with a pump that administers a measured dose. One full stroke of the pump = 10-mg of P. Use about half a measured squirt most days. When you emotions are high and your mood is low and your penis insists at only hanging at the 6:30 clock position, use the full squirt that day. If the area behind your testicles is sore and you are having trouble passing water or you have the after pee dribbles, that means your prostate is swollen, use a full dose for a week. (Also see your doctor; just make sure he's up to snuff on the latest hormone research, most docs aren't). When you mood is great, your libido is up and your pecker points to 12 o'clock, use only 1⁄4 of a squirt a day. It all sounds complicated at first but you'll get the hang of adjusting the dose to you changing daily needs. By the way don't even think of using women's prescription progesterone (synthetic progesterone). This stuff, being fake, has bad side effects for women never mind the side effects men would have! Study up on what testosterone expert Eugene Shippen MD has to say about preserving T in his book "The Testosterone Syndrome". (1).

    Now we get into hard core T protection. Maca. This refined powder from an Andes mountain turnip is THE THING for arresting estrogen dominance. Infertility in men and women is primarily caused by an excess of estrogen. (2). In women ovulation does not happen; or if ovulation does happen despite having too much E and not enough P, the fertilized egg cannot implant itself on the uterine wall to grow. In men E dominance lowers sperm count, sperm viability and decreases the amount of seminal fluid produced. This last effect also has the fun killing side effect of shortening our orgasms since there is not that much semen to ejaculate out! At it's worst estrogen dominance can completely kill your sex urge, erectile ability and mental drive!

    In South America pharmaceutical grade Maca is used to increase fertility and libido in both men and women by its effect of decreasing E and increasing P and unbinding T. (9). Maca is even used to prevent miscarriage caused by estrogen dominance during pregnancy. E is supposed to dwindle down to almost nothing during pregnancy while at second trimester P levels are supposed to be 486% higher than normal. (Excesses of E is one of three primary causes of miscarriage). (11).

    For our causes, pharmaceutical grade Maca increases production of T and P, which in return control E. The usual effects of continued Maca use at the dose of 2 teaspoons (10ml) a day are: increased sexual desire, increased erection ability, increased sperm count, increased vitality of sperm, increased amount of seminal fluid (which leads to longer, stronger orgasms). (12). Best of all, these effects are felt within days of beginning to take the supplement, not weeks or months as with some Oriental herbs. What's more, there are no side effects and the root is safe to take with any other supplement or medication.

    We also need to remember that the minerals zinc and magnesium are essential to the body's production of T. Zinc not only is needed to produce T; it also reduces the conversion of T into Estradiol (the worst and most cancer causing and prostate swelling form of estrogen). Zinc it is the building block of all epithelial tissue (muscle, skin, eyes, and internal organs) and we in the modern world get very, very little of it! Between all of these supplements, working together we can maintain a high level of what makes us men, keeps our women happy and keeps us strong while controlling that which would work against everything we're striving for.


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    Information on Pharmaceutical grade Maca, Andro Edge cream and Men's Progesta Care cream is available at Life Flo Health Care 888-999-7440 or online at Natural health care products and transdermal hormone therapy alternatives .

  14. I hear you Dr. John--when we look at the source of the article, Dr. Wong, well I had a look at his site, and it was enough for me to close to window instantly.

  15. Care of a penis by Dr. Wong.You mean this wasn't a joke thread? And this whole time I thought...

  16. It appears the joke is it wasn't one lol

  17. I was researching natrual libido boosters and came accross the peruvian maca root too. there is a pretty good write up of a few natural herbs-the maca being one-by Chris Kilham found on the discovery health web site

    Meowmeow thanks for posting your article that you posted so we could all read it since the link wasn't working.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    DHEA gives me REALLY bad back acne.
    Just letting you guys know...

    same..I stopped taking it for now even though my natural dhea is on the low end...wasn't expecting so many androgenic sides. Loading up on my b5 now before I venture there again.

    Transdermal dhea didn't produce those same sides though.

    edit: didn't realize how old this thread is


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