Hi Guys,

I am new to this board but it look's like a great place to hang out. I am just looking for some general advice and will give some background into my situation.

I suffered a testicular injury twelve week's ago which resulted in me becoming hypogonadal (primary). At the time i wasn't aware of this and went through twelve week's of hell and mystery. I noticed alot of gradual declines in my body's function and a noticable reduction in the size of my testicle.

As a child i had an undescened testicle (right side) which was brought down but never developed throughout puberty (it did enlarge a little though - but still remained small/unfunctional). My left testicle took over and did all the required work throughout puberty until this got injuired a few week's ago (talk about bad luck!).

Before the injury i had a massive left testicle. it was huge (almost the size of a small patato). I never had any problems from a sexual aspect, mental or physical aspect with the left testicle (it supported my body well - but did bring on puberty a little later than expected). About twelve week's ago this was injured and a varicocele formed on the veins. After this progressive testicular shrinkage occured. After the injury i started getting hot flushes at night (while sleeping), lack of morning erections (and much weaker) alongside many other symptoms. By week ten/eleven i thought i was near death! The difference between myself and a guy goind through the andropause is that rather than a gradual decline this was a sudden and sharp downhill slope in body function. My joints, muscles and back started giving alot of pain and sexual function went to almost zero.

One of the most alarming thing's was the reduction in penis size. I noticed my penis was always very, very shrunk and didn't hang like normal. My scrotum was always "retracted" and didn't hang either like before. I put this down to the testicle shrinking maybe making everything "rise" higher.

After a while i started getting pain inbetween my scrotum/penis and rectum area. It didn't feel like prostate problems but more like muscle or never problems down their (difficult to describe).

My ability to hold in urine was also starting to edge up on me and even after urinating i would "dribble" afterwards if any preasure was applied to the area between my scrotum and rectum. It seemed like every muscle in my stomach was becoming weaker.

Near the final few week's, getting an erection was near impossible and my penis felt shorter and thinner than before. Even if i could get an erection, it was impossible to maintain.

After twelve week's of hell i was diagnosed with primary hypogonadism. I was put on TestoGel (50mg) daily and asked to see how i would get on.

I have been on this now for about ten day's but not really seeing any differences. I feel alot more aware and mentally active but still no improvement in regards to penis size and erections.

I have been switched to a higher dosage of testosterone (Andromen 10mg) which i have to apply twice daily to the scrotum. I got the switch because of some side-effects i was having with androgel (fully body itching, rashes, etc).

How long do you think before TRT bring's thing's back to normal (or at least 80/90% normal)? Do you think these "pains" are caused by low t and muscle problems in the groin area? Will the penis return back to normal anytime soon (in size and function)? Is it normal for thing's like this to happen?

Any advice you can give would be really appreciated!

Kind Regards,