endocrinologists and no insurance

  1. endocrinologists and no insurance

    Well guys..I got my last test results back..
    My test levels have again fallen lower...I am now down to 276.
    26 years old..No steeroid cycles ever..and well..damn.

    question is.. I have no insurance...Does anyone know a rough estimate on how much an endo would charge for treating someone with low T.
    Any estimates would be apreciated. I need to start saving money so I can go see one..

  2. Here are prices for labs and meds.

    This is a list of prices for all the labs one needs. I thought this would help in giving guys who need to pay cash an idea of what they should be paying for different labs. All these labs add up to a total of $705 approx. I got this from a local lab.

    If anyone is able to get these labs at a better price, please post the prices.

    Complete blood count 01302 $12

    Chemistry profile to include liver-kidney function, glucose, minerals, 00003 $41 lipids 95050 $18

    Free Testosterone 8457 $35

    Total Testosterone 8456 $35

    Estradiol (estrogen) 0835 $39

    DHT (dihydrotestosterone) 1834 $80

    DHEA Sulfate 1341 $33

    PSA 2000 $26

    Homocysteine 0519 $25

    SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) 8155 $21

    IGF-1 (Insulin growth factor) 0845A $23

    LH (Luteinizing hormone) 8225 $26

    FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) 0651 $26

    Prolactin 8041 $30

    Total Estrogens 8519 $80

    Progesterone 0859 $28

    Blood Cortisol and 24 hour Urine analysis for Free
    Cortisol 0786 $25 0770 $25

    Thyroid TSH, Free T3, Free T4 0672 $23 1443 $23 1358 $15

    Fasting Insulin 0844 $16

  3. wow..if thats cheap then I am in trouble..
    thats alomst a months paycheck..and I could only pay that if I didnt pay the rest of my bills..
    Perhaps I could get bloodwork done at the free clinic then take the results to the endo..

  4. this can either be really easy or really complicated. if you are simply not producing enough test because your LH pulse isnt quite kickin then thats easy to fix.

    if you have primary hypogonadism and you testicles are not responding to LH secretion, you will have to recieve or administer exogenous test for the rest of your life.

    i would go and have an endo look everything over and make the dianosis. if it was primary id say thanks for you help and obtain underground lab gear for a third the price of a prescription and use 125 mgs of testosterone a week (usually exactly 1 half ML of gear).

    if its secondary and your estrogen is too high, etc. you could probably fix this with the use of an aromtase inhibitor or serm. what line of work are you in? if you work with pesticides or some organic chemicals, it would certainly explain your testosterone level. phyto-estrogens are no joke and can lower your testosterone dramatically.

  5. I am a hairdresser during the day and spray mosquito pesticides at night.. ALthough Im sure the pesticides dont help I have had this problem long before I took the mosquito job..And I do not com in contact with the chemicals either..

    I have had diagnosed low test for about 2 years now..Undiagnosed..Probably since puberty..I have still yet to grow any chest hair or much facial hair.
    This sucks..

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ripw4
    wow..if thats cheap then I am in trouble..
    thats alomst a months paycheck..and I could only pay that if I didnt pay the rest of my bills..
    Perhaps I could get bloodwork done at the free clinic then take the results to the endo..
    You may not need to get all these labs done. That was a price list for a comprehensive list of labs. It would be a good idea to get whatever labs you can done through the free clinic, once you know what you need. This is Dr. John's price list, if you are able to get to his office in Lansing Michigan for the first visit. Subsequent consultations are done by e-mail.

    AllThingsMales Office Location

  7. Disruption of male sex hormones with regard to pesticides: pathophysiological and regulatory aspects.

    Straube E, Straube W, Kruger E, Bradatsch M, Jacob-Meisel M, Rose HJ.

    Institute of Occupational Medicine, University of Greifswald, Germany. [email protected]

    Several pesticides used as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are known to be endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). In three pair-matched studies we found changes in sex hormone concentrations and T-lymphocytes in relation to acute and chronic pesticide exposure. After acute exposure, 1 day later the concentrations of testosterone and especially estradiol decreased. T4- and T8-lymphocytes slightly increased. Effects of chronic occupational pesticide exposure were expressed by a higher level of testosterone and a larger ratio of T4-/T8-lymphocytes in comparison to control persons. Concentrations of LH in exposed men were higher after exposure than before. We assume an inhibition of the aromatase system by testosterone metabolites. The studies show two effects with regard to the duration of exposure: a hormonal and immune suppression after acute exposure and an activation of both systems following chronic exposure.

    That is just the abstract. If you work with pesticides im sure you inhale minute amounts of it. Think of it as anti-gonadatopin releasing hormone. not the best for test levels to say the least.

    some men do not grow a significant amount of chest or facial hair, that is pretty much genetic. Some people get their 5 o clock shade 4 hours after they shave, some take 2 days...

    i am not an endocrinologist by any means, you need to go to one and be diagnosed with secondary or primary hypogonadism. we can help you from there

  8. thanks alot guys..
    I found one In Memphis..about 1 hour away..

    Abbas Kitabchi
    He comes highly recommended from a friend who writes for a medical journal.
    Of course...She just said he is a great endo.nothing about HRT..
    Ill call and ask the usual questions..
    thanks for all the help guys! Ill keep you updated.


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