This feeling of Well Being?

  1. This feeling of Well Being?

    Hi Chris and all I have been on Isocort now for 6 weeks up to 4 pills in the morning and 2 at noon and dinner for a total of 8 pills. A week ago I started taking Armour 45mgs my wife had some extra pills.

    As you know but to up date everyone I have been on testosterone meds for 22 yrs told all this time I am primary meaning my testis don't work. I added HCG to my T meds last yr. and my test levels doubled. So now I am Hypopituitay due to a head injury from a auto accident 23 yrs. ago.

    Here is my question when I add HCG I got this feeling 1 hr. after the shot of well being not a high but a wonderful feeling. It lasted say 3 hrs. Now I added Isocort starting with just one pill and wow same feeling. As I worked my way up to 8 pills the feeling will last most of the morning and part of the after noon.

    Now 5 days ago I started taking 45 mgs of Armour and now this same feeling is lasting all day and is gone by say 7pm at night.

    What is this is it possible that my body was stressed out for so long that I felt this was normal to feel stressed all day and night. Now I am not complaining but it's hard to get use to feeling this feeling of well being so strong now that I tried Armour or is this some sine I should not be doing this. The feeling is hard to put into words but if am sitting not doing anything I notice it a lot.

    Anyone have this or can anyone explain it.

    Can it be my cortisol levels were so low and starting on HCG made it go up some. I was never tested for it until after going on HCG so they tell me it dose bring it up so could this mean my morning blood test of 9 could have been lower then 9.

    I just can't get use to this feeling and worry some thing is wrong with feeling like this so strong.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    Sometimes pleasure is the absence of pain.
    You do have a way of saying a lot in a short sentence.
    Thanks Phil

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