HGH,TRT and Insulin sensitivity

  1. HGH,TRT and Insulin sensitivity

    Looking for the side effects of HRT on insulin sensitivity from the injection of exo test (HRT doses) and HGH (HRT doses). I am supplementing with 2-3iu insulin before each 3 main meals. Does anyone have the skinny on the interaction of these meds?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    If I am understanding you right, you are taking 2-3IU's of GH three times per day?
    DR - I am taking 2-3iu Insulin before each whole food meal (3X's day). I'm also taking 2iu HGH 2X's day. I found I was high normal on the insulin tolerance test . It went to 168 1/2 hr then 130 1 hr after taking 400ml orange juice. I was always OK on the fasting test 88-105. Just curious what the interaction of HGH and TRT are on insulin sensitivity.
    Thanks for any input. Using the insulin as part of anti-aging along with HGH and test/cyp 1X week.

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