did anybody see the 30days HRT episode

  1. did anybody see the 30days HRT episode

    Hello I was just wondering i just wathed the 30 days episode like SUPERSIZE but with a regular guy he was mid 30's and he was doing the full therapy test, hgh, and vitamins.

    Everything seemed in order his first shot of test was 100mg and then the doctor said he would have a lower maintenance dose each week. so the test wasn't excessive. I forget the exact amount of hgh but nothing to seem alarmed about the one thing that was over the top in my opinion was the 41 pills per day of micro nutrients his physician had him on. He had elevated enzyme levels and almost everybody attributed it to the pills. His doctor said he never saw this happen in other patients. Doesn't 41 pills no matter what they were seme like it would tax one's liver?

  2. That question is way too hard considering the amount of variables involved. I would say that yes, it's definetely possible. Especially if an individuals just hops on 41 pills ED and doesn't change anything in his or her water consumption.

  3. IIRC they ran an HRT episode last year...kinda had a negative spin on it.
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rampage jackson
    IIRC they ran an HRT episode last year...kinda had a negative spin on it.
    It most definitely had a negative spin on it! The guy experienced shutdown and they it made it sound like it he would never be able to recover from it (although he did).

  5. All they said is his LFT test came back elevated. They didn't say what was elevated. I GUARANTEE it was AST/ALT.

    AST and ALT are found not only in the liver but in muscle tissue. What happens when you take a guy who hasn't worked out in decades and put him on an insane workout schedule? You get tons of muscle breakdown. What happens when you break down muscle? AST and ALT are released into the bloodstream.

    That's why you aren't supposed to engage in intense exercise before taking an LFT and why AST/ALT are poor indicators in athletes and others who exercise seriously.

    As for 41 pills, yeah that was stupid. However, how much you wanna bet some were supps that are normally powdered like Creatine? When you take supps like that in pill form you have to take like 6 or more pills for a single dose. The entire episode was set up to fail right from the start.

  6. The guy on the show also needed to put his wife in check... she was dooming the whole thing from day one. It appeared that she was afraid of him getting in shape while she was still going to be the same fat lazy pig.

  7. It's funny how the media, govt and society will bag on HRT or steroids until they see what the results can be. Despite all the hooplah over testosterone being bad, HRT is going to be getting more and more popular.

    Dr John is in a good business.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John
    I do think the government should bag on steroids, though. Healthful TRT must always be separated from doing steroids, which always damages your health in some way.

    The "Anti-anabolic steroids Hysteria" complained about on the Message Boards is in no counteracted by the "Pro-AAS Hysteria" of the Message Boards.
    Good Point, as I said in another thread it's pick your poison. Some choose smoking, some choose alcohol, some choose fast food or sweets. We all have our vices.

    AAS if used correctly can really help a lot of people. When used solely for muscle gain is clearly abuse of it's intended purpose.

  9. Fair enough, though my point was aimed more at people's tendency to parrot what they hear from the media until they end up trying it and see that many of the assertions are overblown.

    Probably one of the big reasons that HRT has taken so long to gain acceptance is because of the steroid controversies that erupted in the 1980's. Practitioners were then exposed to too much liability to administer testosterone for medicinal purposes..anti-aging, the treatment of depression, wasting diseases et cetera. A lot of people could have been helped during these decades. This has been the unfortunate result of the media's, the govt's and the public's inability to differentiate between AAS abuse/use and AAS use for legitimate reasons.

  10. Go on your caribbean vacation already


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