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  1. contreversial article about protein

    This was posted at a differntent forum with a lot of replys. I don't know if I can put in a link to it. Let me know.


    This a contreversial article about protein- thank you for your advises about this article.

    Good Morning -- BroJon Readers !! Here's the latest edition of
    Tuesday August 1, 2006


    “We'll know our disinformation program is complete when
    everything the American public believes is false.”
    -- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    How The American Government is Killing Americans

    [Good-Bye GOUT?]
    [And osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, congestive heart failure
    and kidney disease?]

    ~~~~~ (Special Edition, Print or Post to Your Website) ~~~~~

    Recently a BroJon reader was diagnosed with a serious disease. He was an old friend aged 80. He had shortness of breath, fluid around the heart and lungs and severe fatigue. He had recently finished a week's worth of repairs in his backyard. He went to his local clinic for a diagnosis. He was told he had Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney Failure. He wrote me to tell me how serious it was. This is what I wrote back to him.

    Burt --I got your email about the "Confirmed Initial Onset." I was greatly concerned. Not because you have a disease, but because you were badly and improperly diagnosed by the doctor. That diagnosis may have come from the doc's medical texts when he was in med school 40 years ago. It clearly is not current medicine. One thing I have learned is not try to argue with the doctor. It is best to find another doctor and get a second opinion.


    I have been having a similar discussion with my mother for the last 30 years. She is 83 and actually has no diseases. For 60 years she has been a type-one insulin-dependent diabetic. Most docs are amazed that she is still alive at 83, let alone having no other diseases. Most diabetics die from diabetes and many related diseases in less than 20 years. I have been watching her medications and treatments for the last 30 years. I mostly advise her, don't go to doctors, don't listen to doctors, and don't take the medications they prescribe. At one time she was up to 13 medications at the same time. I went through her list of meds and found most of the medications were simply to ease the side-effects of the other medications, which were mostly preventative and not treatments for any disease that she actually had. I cut the list down to 4 meds, including the insulin. Suddenly all her insomnia, aches and pains, swollen feet, black and blue bruises and fatigue went away. She was healthy and "symptom" free. I have been watching my mom's med list carefully for the last 10 years. I have gotten her to ask the doctor, "Do I really need this? And Why?" The doc usually can't answer, and doesn't prescribe the meds. The medication was simply some samples the drug makers had dropped off at his office, hoping to get the doc's patients hooked on the drugs. She simply didn't need any of them.


    Since 1970, I have been reading medical textbooks and journals for the latest information. I also have a large collection of old Merck Manuals going back to 1910. I am amazed at what doctors believed 100 years ago. I now read the current medical texts with the same skepticism and amazement as the old texts, how can modern doctors believe such things. It is not logical and there is no medical evidence to prove it. There is no disease called Congestive Heart Failure. It is not even a disease, because it is merely the "symptom" of other diseases. Too many doctors today are only treating the symptoms of disease and not the cause of the disease itself.

    In the last five years, in the Brother Jonathan Gazette, I have been writing a series of articles about SARS, Bird Flu etc, including many medical topics. I proved that they were not diseases, they were merely mis-diagnosed flu. My proof was absolute. Many doctors from around the world, wrote to me to thank me for the clear explanation. Few American doctors wrote to explain that they had been fooled by American drug companies into believing false information about diseases. Most American doctors believe the propaganda from the drug makers. It is part of the American medical school system. Doctors in other countries, aren't trained that way and can't understand why Americans have so many American "diseases." After reading my articles, the foreign doctors understood, and thanked me, since they thought they were behind the times because they did not use American treatments. The American treatments were, to them, simply illogical.


    Burt, as an example, 20 years ago we had a discussion about salt and high blood pressure. I said there was no cause and effect relationship. You wanted evidence. I sent you a clipping from the San Jose Mercury News, when they still printed news, which showed that the American Heart Association had admitted that the study which related lowering salt intake would lower blood pressure, was based on an incorrect study of Amazonian indians. But the Heart Association, rather than withdrawing the recommendation to lower salt intake, instead persisted in the recommendation to eliminate salt from the diet.

    The Heart Association said that they would not recant, since they did not want the public to lose "faith" in the recommendations of doctors. And besides, food makers were making millions by producing very expensive "heart healthy" low-salt versions of most food products. Why put the food makers out of business. The "heart healthy" diet was a fraud. What the article was showing was that most of American medicine is based on "faith" healing. If you "believe" your doctor, you might get better. If you don't "believe" your doctor you are going against modern American medicine. In other words, most of modern American medicine is “Faith Healing.”

    So Burt, lets look at your diagnosis again. Among the list of symptoms, the critical item is the failure of the kidneys to eliminate all the toxins. This is clear from the blood panel tests which show high levels of certain kidney enzymes in the blood, The toxins remain in the blood. The body tries to flush out the toxins with extra fluids. This build up of fluids is called "congestive heart failure" and fluid in the lungs is like a precursor to pneumonia. But those are not diseases, they are the merely "symptoms" of the toxins in your blood. Your body is simply trying to flush out the toxins. Toxins that you generated, but not from any disease.


    And the toxins come from the kidneys being overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with your kidneys other than your typical American diet. The main and sole purpose of the kidneys is to process and eliminate proteins and waste in the diet. There are three components of all diets: carbohydrates, fat and proteins. The first two are food, but protein actually has no caloric or food value. Yes, the caloric value of protein is virtually zero. Proteins are mostly dumped by the kidneys as a non-food waste product. That is the main purpose of kidneys in humans, to reject the excess protein in the diet. Protein is almost never used as food by the body, except in cases of extreme starvation. In normal humans almost all, about 96%, of the protein is dumped. If you eat a diet rich in protein, you will have a build up of protein by-product toxins in the blood, resulting in the constellation of symptoms which you now have. Your problem is not a disease, but simply diet. The symptoms could be cleared up in a day or two simply by giving your kidneys a rest. Don't eat any more animal protein.


    The truth of this form of diagnosis is not found in any medical textbooks, but is found in veterinary textbooks. About 30 years ago, many dog and cat owners were bringing in their older pets who had a strange constellation of symptoms. They seemed to have organ damage and build up of fluids in most organs. This was traced to kidney failure, caused by feeding the older animals canned cat and dog food. In the 1950's and 60's the pet food business boomed. It was a trillion dollar business. The pet food makers were going to the ASPCA's around the country and collecting all the euthanized dogs and cats and tossing them in big vats and turning them into cat and dog food in a can. You remember Kal-Kan and Alpo. The pet food makers were making trillions of dollars and it was all profit, since the raw product, dead dogs and cats was free. In many cases, the ASPCA's paid the pet food makers to haul away the dead animals.


    But the vet docs realized, that this was OK for feeding young animals, but was killing the older pets. So the food makers came up with dried cat and dog food for older animals, mostly made from grains and vegetables with "meat flavoring" but no meat, and this solved the problem. Instantly the pet's kidney failures stopped and the old pets were up and running around again for many more years. OK, so the vets know that, but it seems no doctor for humans ever heard of such a thing. So instead, to get rid of fluid buildup due to the toxins in the blood, the doctors use diuretics to get rid of the fluids, rather than get rid of the toxins. That's one sure way to kill the patient. The docs are actually defeating the body's own attempt to flush out the toxins, by using diuretics. This can only lead to continued organ and heart failure, leading to a sure death.


    And what are those toxins? Proteins are made from amino acids, which are basically, ammonia acids. Ammonia is a nitrogen atom with three hydrogens. When attached to an organic acid such as -COOH, it becomes and amino acid. But notice that neither the ammonia NH3 nor the acid COOH can be oxidized or metabolized to produce energy, thus they have no food value. They cannot be oxidized or metabolized by the body to make energy. The amino acids are only used to make proteins which are found in the cell walls of your cells and to make DNA in the cell nucleus. Only a tiny amount of protein is needed for cell maintenance. For body maintenance you only need about 6 grams of protein per day for your few replicating or dividing cells. But the average American consumes about 140 to 160 grams of protein per day. It is not used by the body at all, since it is simply peed away through the kidneys. People in other countries don't consume that much protein per day, and they don't have the American diseases. And 6 grams of protein is about one tablespoon.


    How many tablespoons of meat do you eat per day? -- about 10 to 20 tablespoons? What does your body do with all the rest of the protein. Proteins are about half nitrogen by weight, and you have been making expensive nitrate fertilizer for your toilet. Why do you think animal manure is used as fertilizer?


    Without looking at the complete biochemistry of the kidneys, their job is to turn the amino acids, or ammonia acid, into uric acid. When mixed with water, this uric acid is called urine. Now you know why urine smells like ammonia. Check any baby's diaper for proof. The reason why babys have smelly urine is because their food intake, mother's milk, is very rich in protein. That's because babies are growing at the fastest rate ever during their whole life. They need the excess protein for the rapid cell growth right after birth. After several years, babies are weaned to foods that are much lower in protein percentage, and the urine becomes less ammonia-like. Except in America, where Americans are told to eat a diet which is richer in protein than even mother's milk. How did that happen? It doesn't happen anywhere else in the world.


    The primary cause of American diseases goes back to the founding of the USDA in the late 1880's. At that time farmers were going through a farm recession. The many hundreds of local county farm granges, got together and asked the federal government to help them out. The national grange association was a lobbyist group, which by congressional enactment was merged into the department of agriculture as the USDA. Thus, the USDA is and always has been a farm lobbyist group to help farmers by promoting the sale of farm goods, mostly meat, dairy and eggs. It is not logical, how the American medical profession has accepted the USDA as a source of nutritional information. It is completely illogical, and mostly false and fraudulent. The USDA has never been interested in nutrition nor health, it's only interest, as required in the founding congressional legislation is the promotion of farmers and farm goods. So what has happened in the last 100 years?


    The USDA in the 1920's began a series of experiments in nutrition. They did this to sell farm goods. They determined that the basis for a good diet should be based on the model of the chicken egg. Why they chose that model is beyond me, since babies don't eat eggs. It is almost all pure protein. I chose a model based on mother's milk, and then gradually reduced the amount of protein with age. I call my diet the Kinderken Diet. It looks surprisingly like the 1970's Scarsdale Diet or the later, now popular, Mediterranean Diet. These diets are high in fruits and vegetables but do not eliminate meat, so they can't be called vegetarian. My system is much simpler with no calorie counting. Simply change the foods you buy, then eat as much as you want. You can “graze” all day, if all you are eating is good food. The standard USDA diet, and the latest USDA food pyramid is still extremely high in meat, eggs and dairy. But that's the job and purpose of the USDA by congressional enactment, to promote the sales of farm products, not to promote good health and nutrition.


    In the 1930's several more experiments were done. The USDA invented the "calorimeter" to measure the calorie value of various foods. The instrument was called the "calorimeter bomb." This is a closed box, food samples are put inside and heated until they burn. The amount of heat given off was the amount of heat in calories per unit of food. They found that carbohydrates like sugar produced 6 calories per gram of sugar. Proteins also produced about 6 calories per gram. And fats, like olive oil or butter produced 9 calories per gram. But hold on here, there is something wrong with this process. It has fooled Americans ever since, especially the doctors. Proteins don't burn, they char.

    Carbohydrates and fats are made from carbon and hydrogen. Both of those can be oxidized into Carbon Dioxide and water. You can live on just carbohydrates, and then you breath out the carbon dioxide waste and the water is peed away. But the pee has no uric acid smell, it is just clear water. People in long term deep comas are feed with a drip fluid called Ringer's Solution. Ringer's Solution is what most people get in the hospital when the doc asks for an IV drip. It is simply water, glucose and salt. The patients can live on that diet for many months. Their urine does not smell, since it's just water.


    The simplest carbohydrate is glucose. Which is like the simple sugars found in some foods like sugar cane and sugar beets and many other fruits and vegetables and even mother's milk. Combining two glucose molecules makes up a di-glyceride. These larger molecules are like the fructose found in many fruits, and starches in potatoes or carrots. The body simply breaks the di-glycerids apart in the stomach or intestines into single glycerides and the body uses them or burns them like simple glucose. It is fuel and food.

    Glucose molecules can be combined into three or more units called tri-glycerides. Because the molecules are long and skinny, you can roll them between your fingers and they easily roll like pieces of dried spaghetti. Because they easily roll between your fingers, they feel slippery, and we call them oily or greasy. The tri-glycerides are fats and oils, like butter and vegetable oil. Because they are compact long molecules, the body stores them away in fat cells. You can't burn fats in your body. They must first be broken down into three or more separate glucose molecules by fat enzymes. The body doesn't release fat enzymes until you have exhausted all the available glucose or blood sugar, and then the body starts burning the glucose made from the tri-glyceride fats. Exercising for only half an hour will not burn fat, since it takes about an hour to produce the fat enzymes. That's why Americans are so fat, since they don't exercise long enough to burn the fat. So the carbohydrates and fats both are fuel and can be burned or metabolized into energy.


    But then the USDA lied to you. They took protein, either a flank steak or a pair of old shoes, put them in the calorimeter bomb and then claimed that they got 6 calories per gram. But wait, there is no chemical process which takes ammonia and carbonic acid and burns them to make energy. Simply burning a steak or old shoe in the USDA Calorimeter does not reflect what occurs in the body. You end up with a charred steak or shoe -- just ashes, like charred or burned wood. There is no energy gained by eating protein. It is not a food nor fuel. Protein is the building block to make new cells, but it has no energy to make the cell work or make your muscles move. In a car, carbohydrates or fats, in the form of hydrocarbons or gasoline will make the car go. In the car the fuel is also burned or turned into carbon dioxide and water in the exhaust. Just what your body does with carbohydrates. But in a car the proteins are the equivalent of sheet metal and bolts for repairing the car. But the sheet metal and bolts won't make the car go. There is no energy nor food value in protein. But that information would hurt the sales of farm products, so the USDA never told you.


    Even though it was known by earlier experiments that most people only need about 6 grams of protein per day to make new cells for maintenance, the USDA recommends about 25 to 50 grams per day. Why? To sell meat, dairy and eggs - what else?. The method they used to determine the protein number came from those genius nutritionists, the U.S. Congress. Just before WWII, the U.S. Congress, to make sure the soldiers were well fed, decreed that the USDA should recommend diets which would supply the protein needs for 90 percent of the population. And therein came the big lie which made farmers fabulously rich just by feeding the army. Normally you would think that if a small person needs 6 grams of protein per day, that a larger or heavier person, with more cells, would need a few more grams, while a smaller person would need less. It's a function of how many cells you have that need to be maintained. Thus you could make an equation or chart showing that a 100 lb person needs 6 grams, a 150 lb person needs 8 grams, a 200 lb person needs 10 grams etc. But the USDA did not do that.

    Instead, the USDA took the congressional mandate in a different way. They looked at the total US population and divided them in groups by weight. There were 50 lb children, 90 lb grandmas, 150 lb soldiers, 200 lb loggers and football players, 250 lb wrestlers and 400 lb behemoths who were a tad over weight. The USDA took "90 percent" of all people to mean, all those who were under 300 lbs. To supply the protein needs of a 300 lb person would take 25 grams. Thus the USDA recommended that ALL adults should eat 25 grams of protein each day, even if they were 90 lbs grandmas. Thus the USDA did recommend an amount which literally would supply the protein needs for 90 percent of the population. That is absolutely ridiculous, but that is exactly what the USDA recommended in 1940.


    The result is that the Army bought 25 grams of beef to feed each soldier each day, even though the average soldier was only 150 lbs and only needed 8 grams of protein. Of course, the soldiers ate all that meat, and peed away the extra 17 grams of protein. This made for some very smelly latrines. The farmers sold three times as much meat as the army needed. This is the result of the USDA being a lobbyist group and promoting the sales of meat, dairy and eggs. And they sure did during WWII. In other words, they convinced the army to buy three times as much beef as they actually needed to keep the soldiers in good health. And that also began the modern American diet and all the American diseases, such as osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, congestive heart failure and kidney disease, all from an extreme excess of protein.


    Burt, for almost a decade you have been emailing out recipes. I like the bread recipes and tried some of them. But I completely ignored all those stew and pot roast recipes. I never eat anything like those. I have not bought any beef, hamburger or "red meat" in over 20 years. Instead I eat a variety of small amounts of chicken, fish, tuna, and small packets of sliced ham which I used as condiments or flavoring in the main dish which is mostly a large salad. I didn't want to argue with you then about your diet. I just assumed that one of these days, like most Americans, you would eat yourself into high protein kidney failure. And then we would all hear about it. Well that was then, and this is now, and now I hear about it. You don't have a disease, you have a bad diet. I bet your doctor didn't tell you that. You went to the wrong doctor. You're an old dog, going on 80 plus. Any pet vet would have told you, stop all that protein in the diet, and all the symptoms go away in a day or two.


    Do not listen to the docs about going on a Salt Free diet. That is a sure kidney killer. One of the biochemical processes in the kidney involves the exchange of sodium ions to convert the amino acid into uric acid. With no sodium in the diet to supply the sodium ions the kidney function is shut down. One of the interim steps in the conversion is converting amino acids into ketones. The ketones are the toxins which are causing the build up of fluids in the heart and lungs. An excess of ketones also permanently damages the kidney itself. [Atkins Diet]

    When I worked in aerospace and used chemicals, the one most dangerous cleaner was MEK, methyl-ethyl-ketone. It was called a Kidney Cracker. Just a strong whiff of MEK would put you in the hospital with kidney damage, and put you on the list for a kidney transplant. Just by being on a low salt diet, and eating surplus protein will produce ketones within the kidney itself and cause kidney damage. That's why I investigated the false story about salt causing high blood pressure and then the low-salt diet recommendations from the American Heart Association. It's a false story which leads to kidney damage in older people. I never recommend limiting salt intake. Your body knows when you need salt. Since ancient times salt has been known as a vitamin. It is necessary for life and proper body functions.


    Thus Burt, do not take any medications. Do not take any diuretics. Do not take any ACE inhibitors. Do not take any blood pressure medications, bad bad. Do not restrict your salt intake. These are all meds for treating the symptoms and not the dis-ease. Instead, stop your intake of complex animal protein and all the symptoms go away. Especially meat proteins. If you take leafy vegetables, like spinach, carrot tops, collard greens, lettuce, celery etc, and analyze them - they are 50 percent protein. You probably didn't know that. The USDA won't tell you, but I got my info right from the USDA food tables themselves. But USDA hid it away by including all the water in the vegetables so they only look like 2% protein. I spent several months modifying the USDA tables by "subtracting" the water from all the foods on the list and just looked at the dry carbohydrates, fats and proteins, You would be amazed. So eating a variety of salads will supply you with all the protein you need. I usually make tuna, chicken or ham salads. With the meat for flavoring, but the salad provides most of the protein. My favorite is a can of spicy hot Chili con Carne tossed into a large salad and its like having 5 Taco Bell tacos without the taco shells. Very filling but only 7 grams of protein and very low fat.

    Your doctor has suggested a regimen of medications which probably won't help and may cost you about $500 per month. You don't need any of that, and can solve the problem for free. If you can't find a doctor who will work with you to modify your diet, practice barking, and I can connect you with a doc who has been treating and curing these problems for decades. And it doesn't involve any medications. The use of meds only comes from the USDA working with the Drug Makers to sell meat, dairy and eggs. And then the Drug Makers make big profits from treating you for the side effects of the USDA diet. Do not start any of those medications. You will have a hell of a time trying to get off of them once you are addicted. They have no purpose in your body to cure diseases, only treat symptoms. Their real purpose is to transfer money from your pocket into the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies.


    Burt, I don't want to argue with you about the diagnosis that you got and the recommended therapies. It is simply a standard diagnosis of toxic protein syndrome with a group of medications to treat the side effects. And it kills a good percentage of older people, especially in nursing homes, and even young people with extreme diets. I have had this discussion and argument years ago with many actual practicing doctors. They wanted proof. I gave them the proof from biochemistry and cytology texts. Texts which they never read in med school. The docs only get one unit of nutrition classes in four years of med school, and it is all USDA handouts and charts. That's all the docs know. The docs I talked to only grumbled and stopped the discussion that I was having with them. They don't want to learn about nutrition. That's for nutritionists, not doctors. The docs already have all the answers. The USDA already told them so, and big Pharma has all the drugs and pills needed to treat all the symptoms. None of them has a cure or treatment for the disease. And they want you to buy all those expensive tri-tips, fillet mignons, and T-bones. Well, my old friend, I expect you to live for another good 20 years or more. You can cure yourself, for free. And it's cheap. Simply change what you eat. And to do that, simply change what you buy at the store....

    Marshall Smith
    Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette

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  4. i get between 350-400 grams a day and i am by all means still truckin.

    Oh and physical training increases your rate of protein synthesis does steroid use.

  5. Interesting read. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some of it makes sense, but I'm not a doctor or nutritionist just a gout sufferer. I've had gout related symptoms for years, but have never been told to reduce my protein intake to "cure " the problem.

  6. there was debate about this? it reads like an email forward.

  7. This strikes as pseudo intellectual vegetarian propaganda...we are designed as omnivores. the main reason we evolved the capacity for intelligence that we have is because our ancestors started to eat red meat and fish, which in turn allowed us to develope bigger brains.

    If you dont eat red meat then you are cheating yourself out of a laundry list of essential substancs for your body...acetyl co enzyme A for example.

    Have you ever seen a true vegetarian or vegan? they ALL look pale and pasty, underweight, and sickly. Ill stick with my kidney killing protein and red meat.


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