50ccs for 15weeks?

  1. 50ccs for 15weeks?

    i was looking into HRT and one of t he programs I found during inquiry had a prgram they said was for 15 weeks here is what it included

    5 10cc Vials of Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/cc or Testosterone Enanthate 200mg/cc

    150 Nolvadex 10mg Tablets

    5 10,000 unit vials of HCG

    All needles and syringes needed for self administration.

    Portamedic service including blood testing and physical examination and analysis of results.

    Constant doctor monitoring and unlimited consultations.

    Modern Therapy customer service.

    Annual prescription fee

    Shipping and insurance of the above programs is an additional 5%. we use FedEx Overnight

    By my calculations 200mg x 50ccs = 10k mg/15 weeks 666mgs of test a week. Seems real high for HRT doesn't it?

  2. Yes that will mosy likely put you WAY over the of the "normal" range. Be enough to last me a whole year at the dosages I use while on TRT.

  3. sweet, you will be 18 again with that dosage

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    sweet, you will be 18 again with that dosage

    Yeah i was doing some calculations and i could run a 25 week cycle and still have like 5x the normal testosterone level for the whole 25 weeks.

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