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  1. Quote Originally Posted by glg
    Dr. understands where I'm coming from but has no experience in HRT other than "really" low T levels in younger males.
    On our Prime Fitness Instruction Team site there are some articles - one, "Testosterone, How Low Are You?" is the standard 10-question set dealing with low levels WITH MEDICAL CITATIONS at the bottom. If you print it, fill it out, and take it to your doc - he'll have some references he can follow up on.

    Good luck!

  2. I did not read the whole thread I have heard this about Dr.'s not treating men with low T levels like this. And am putting in here a cut & paste on how to find a good Dr.

    Finding a trustworthy competent male hormone doctor is probably the most important step toward treating hypogonadism. Do take the time and effort to find a good one. You will not be saving time by merely going with someone your doc refers, unless you qualify him/her as being competent and experienced. Many group members have spent years with bad treatment, and finding a doc is probably the single biggest reason people come to this group.

    IMO you want a doc who treats male hormone issues as a regular part of his/her practice. Your doc will probably suggest an endocrinologist or urologist, but many don’t know male hormone therapy, or are even philosophically opposed to it. I suggest you research & find a specialist yourself. Here are some tips:

    For compiling a list of "SUSPECTS" near you, try:

    Back trace docs from pharmacies that sell them male hormone products:

    College Pharmacy (Colorado Springs, CO)
    College Pharmacy - Home
    click "Find a Health Care Provider". There's a form to fill out. Submit the form & they'll e-mail a list of docs nearest you. In the “I would like to find a provider who specializes in:” I suggest choosing “Pellet Implants”; you might not want them but those docs know most other therapies too.

    Bartor Pharmical (Rye NY) They manufacture testosterone pellets (docs who do pellets also know most other therapies). Call 914-967-4219 and ask if they can recommend three docs near you.

    Women’s International Pharmacy (Madison, Wisconsin
    Women's International Pharmacy - Request Doctor Referral

    Kronos Compounding Pharmacy (Las Vegas, NV) has a list of docs:

    ApothéCure (Dallas, TX)
    ApotheCure - Web Form


    Docs who have shown an interest in treating male hypogonadism can be found at:
    National Testosterone Tune-Up

    Life Extension Foundation, List of Innovative Doctors:
    Life Extension Foundation: Directory Of Innovative Doctors

    American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). Look for docs with “HRT” listed in their practice codes.
    ACAM: Find A Doctor

    There’s an AACE docs search page at:
    In theory they would use the AACE Hypogonadisn Guidelines,
    but are still too “old school”.Confirm they treat hypogonadism prior to a visit.

    To pre-qualify and select the right doc, call him or his staff and ask: how many men he/she treats for hypogonadism, if he/she offers hCG therapy in addition to TRT, if he/she uses Arimidex to keep E2 down, and checks for Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism.

    You have time to ask the doc some pre-screening questions (probably through his/her staff). Like: What does he think about the AACE hypogonadism guidelines? (American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines For Clinical Practice For The Evaluation And Treatment Of Hypogonadism
    In Adult Male Patients—2002 Update, available in the Files section here. How many hypogonadism patients does he treat? Does he ever use hCG treatment? Does he regularly test for estrogens, specifically estradiol? Does he ever prescribed anything to keep estradiol down? Does he use a stimulation test to determine hypogonandism is primary or secondary? Does he ever use hormone pellet implants?

    Did your doc mention that TRT like Androgel can make you sterile? I'm assuming your marriage plans might include having children. If so, a different treatment than testosterone supplementation would be needed. It would involve taking a hormone that stimulates the body's ability to make testosterone.

    IMO, a complete range of initial tests should be done, way above and beyond the total testosterone levels you had tested. An hCG stimulation test (or similar) should be done to see if your body can respond to stimulation.
    This was made by Bruce at the Yahoo Hypogonadism2 group.


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