Sudden testicle shrinkage. No libido, fatigue. Varicocele?

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  1. The study was pretty solid and showed testosterone raising by 100-200 on average, that's significant. It is because your balls are producing it, but it is slow to move around your body, the bloodflow isn't carrying it away from your testicles as well as it should. Another study showed 30 times normal levels of testosterone in the prostate - because the blood was pooling in the groin, so all that useful testosterone was going into the prostate instead of in the rest of the body.
    Microsurgery fixed that and testosterone levels returned to normal in the prostate afterwards, and levels increased in the body in general.
    It might not be perfect afterwards, but it will be better, and a step in the right direction.
    Plus, people have greatly increased their total testosterone with diet, lifestyle and exercise.
    As in hundreds of points more.
    Make sure they test both your balls before surgery, as sometimes the vein problems are bilateral, with one varicocele being smaller than the other, usually the right one being much smaller.

  2. K... your hope gives me hope....but like I said read allot of guys got no increase =(


    Search for "testosterone increase microsurgical varicocelectomy" and you should find plenty of reports similar to this one.
    The old fashioned view is that varicocele is a harmless and cosmetic problem, the modern view - following research, is that it affects sperm quality as well as testosterone levels.
    Importantly, it makes for a healthier prostate, as the high doses of testosterone pooling there can cause hyperplasia, swelling of the prostate which can lead to various other problems. The surgery was shown to reverse that.
    I haven't found any side effects to the surgery so far.

  4. Well talked to two uros today said the most of an increase I'd see would be 100 to 150 but it's possible I won't see anything. both did say worry stress will lead to depression which would lead to anxiety which could impact my sleep and libido and testosterone they said 400 is a little low but not dangerous they did say yes a typical guy my age sits at 700 but 400 isn't super dangerous and if I increase it put me to 500 to 550 minus the stress and it could go higher the uro did say after the surgery give it 3 months they will retest and if worse comes to worse the would do Clomid and hcg for a while and see if I can recharge and get out of the rut both did say it's a proven fact stress would impact sex drive libido and testosterone that being said both said get it fixed just do it I see the surgery uro tomorrow

  5. 500 to 700 is normal average he also said do it for fertility purposes Any way he also issued me an Mr I. Just to check my brain and another standing ultra sound to make sure I don't have a right one

  6. I read ypur article and I guess I don't understand it it says it increases free testosterone in one sentence then in the next says it showed no significant increase...

  7. And how do you know it pools into the prostate?

  8. The prostate information was from another study, which was the relation between varicoceles and prostate enlargement. The veins exiting the scrotum connect with the blood supply of the prostate - and when the veins above this are dilated, the blood flows more easily into those of the prostate.
    This can result in the testosterone passing from the testicles into the prostate in a much higher volume than normal. They said up to 30 times the normal levels, which can cause the cells of the prostate to increase in number, and thereby enlarge the gland.
    The study showed that when the surgery was performed, the testosterone levels in the prostate returned to normal, and the prostate reduced in size.

    This may have been a study involving only men with enlarged prostates and varicoceles, but I would guess that misdirected testosterone would end up in the rest of the body where it belongs.
    As for the other study, have a read of other ones and see if information correllates.

  9. Well I saw the uro today and I'm gonna schedule surgery in September so it will be getting fixed 5 months after occurance and im 26 so we will see if it increases my test if it doesnt then they will try clomid either way I think alot of my problems come from stress i need to work on that....and force myself to get back in the gym.

  10. Hey Wean, how did your surgery go, and have you noticed improvement since?


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