Hair loss On HCG Monotherapy?

  1. Hair loss On HCG Monotherapy?

    Hi, i have low test levels. I want to start HTR, but i,m afraid of losing my hair as a side effect. I'm on avidart, minoxidil and nizoral. I still have a good hair. i want to know if it,s better HCG monotherapy versus test injections regarding hair loss. Is it true that HCG monotherapy no rises DHT leves too much versus test injections? Any HCG users could tell me if they noticed hair loss or thinning hair when started the regimen? Any HCG users could post if their hair remain the same? Thanks i wait yours answers

  2. I just started HCG injection today and I can report back in a few weeks to see if there any hair loss because I'm prone to it and have a slight receding hairline. I truly hope there is none because that's the main reason I wouldn't go for TRT but at the end we may not have a choice.

  3. Update : Yes after two weeks at 400IUs 3x I am experiencing some slight shedding, does anyone know how to counteract this? Would nizoral shampoo help?

  4. Hi, perhaps it,s to early to see shedding. I think that some shedding it,s normal when we start HTR, cause hormonal imbalance. How are you doing now? Still shedding? Nizoral shampoo helps, as minox, and finasteride

  5. Started nizoral 2% a few days ago, I will keep you guys updated.

    Edit: is it possible that nizoral could further lower testosterone defeating the purpose of HCG?

  6. I am having HCG and noticing minor hair loss. But need to cope this issue and suggestions or recommendations.
    Renu Derma
    103 S. Main St. Salisbury,NC,28144
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    Renu Derma
    103 S. Main St. Salisbury,NC,28144
    (866) 964 3932

  7. valheruking, how are you doing now? any update? edwardmckee what is your protocol? When did you started HCG?

  8. Still losing hair on a regular basis, besides libido boost and testes feeling fuller, I am not seeing any other benefits so far from HCG. No increase in muscle tone or energy levels.

    Edit: will be seeing doc in 2 weeks to see where I'm at and where to go from here on out.


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