Is 200mg/week TRT enough to add muscle?

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    Genetic predisposition. But I wonder what AAS contributed. It did seem to get worse soon after I ended a 12 week cycle.
    Interesting, I felt that mine slowed down on AAS however it seems to have sped up after I did a small T3 supplemetation for a while and after cessation of the T3 I cant eat enough food to keep up my weight.
    I have to check my thyroid again to see what happened.
    I know that HGH slows it down too

  2. can i run a 4 week ph cycle of epi while being on 200mg test cyp every 3 weeks?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by fame126 View Post
    can i run a 4 week ph cycle of epi while being on 200mg test cyp every 3 weeks?
    I'd be much more concerned with getting my protocol squared away than I would be worrying about running a cycle...

  4. Truth.

  5. what about 128 ,just found out

  6. In what context? What does 128 mean?


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