Latest thyroid labs have thrown me for a real loop. See last column for 05-28-13:

How does one make any sense out of a nice and healthy FT3 level and a very hypo TSH - and higher rT3 - all of a sudden, and in fact, the highest TSH level on record for me? Tell me otherwise than it being a direct contradiction.

Could this have all been skewed because of starting Medrol (methylprednisolone) dose pack (I was Rx'd for tinnitus) two days earlier, as glucocorticoids like Medrol inhibit TSH, so maybe a negative feedback loop from the pituitary going on here? It makes no sense to have this drastic a change in just a little over a month.

I am dosing the same compounded T-3 as prior @ 25mcg T-3 BID. I am also taking 2 caps BID TT-33 (contains both T2s to help with fat loss).

The case for hypothyroidism is, however, supported by the increased LDL (no changes in diet or supps) and possibly my recent onset of tinnitus and sudden hearing loss - both strongly correlated with hypo.

In addition, take a look at my T levels. TT has dropped (which could be due to the Medrol as well), FT has only risen moderately, E2 remains in the dump, and prolactin is just hovering. SHBG has dropped a little.

I think a re-test in a week or two is in order, but until then can someone smarter than me please make some sense out of this?