So i mixed peptides in same vial

  1. So i mixed peptides in same vial

    Alright, so got my mod grf 1-29 and my ipamorelin. I mixed em. After mixing I pinned them and everything normal so far. Then I was at the gym talking to my buddy he said not to mix them.

    So what's the deal. Is there going to be massive nuclear explosion, do the peptides lose potency or does the world still make sense and all is well.

    I just mixed them this today.

    Going to pin again before bed.

    Thoughts and opinions appreciated

  2. Mixed in the same vial

  3. They will degrade faster. I read that somewhere.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod View Post
    They will degrade faster. I read that somewhere.
    That's what I was thinking. I wonder how fast.

  5. Well...... I used it before bed

  6. I'm leaving town tomorrow for four days. So will use until then and I guess dump the rest.......

  7. Just wasted those ....
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