Forgive me if this is wrong forum, but new to community.
Been on TRT for over 2 years; 200 mg e2w with Testim on day 10-14. Then last year convince doc to up dose to 400mg e2w with the testim day 10-14, but the doc wanted to get input/validation from an Endo on order to continue. I said couldn't get endo appointment until end of May 2013, as such he agreed to continue 400 mg e2w until jsut after endo appt. The endo is in the same health network and is a young middle eastern women. I'm very skeptical she will know male hormone stuff to the level I do (I've studied it alot over the last couple of years), and wonder what her judgement will be. THe goal of the appt is to get her "blessing" on 400 mg e2w. However, I will also ask her to include HCG and Arimidex in the regimen. My last bw should total test at 600 and Estrogens, Total at 121 with nromal between 40 and 115, Pregnenalone and DHEA were low, but in the low normal range. Unfortunately my doc wouldn't prescribe arimidex in the interim before my endo appt., so I ordered and have been taking Erase. I'd like to get your alls suggestions, opinions, and or thoughts on the upcoming endo appt and what I can do or say to increase my chances of getting HCG and Arimidex (mostly Arimidex). I don't want to seem to challenge the endo's knowledge and position. Thanks